BREAKING: Lords Pass ‘Brexit Wrecking’ Amendment

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10 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Well I hope leave voters are not going to stand for this. We need 1 million+ people to attend the demo on 23 June – Independence Day.

  2. Jake Bennett says:

    The House of Lords is sailing very close to the wind.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    HOUSE OF LORDS. – KNOW YOUR PLACE ! In this Nation of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, there is a pecking order which must be observed. Failure to do that brings change which is not liked by those who rebel against such a pecking order. The order is as follows. …..
    At the top are the PEOPLE. We hold the power to elect or dismiss our Government. (When the people realise this and use it, watch out)! After the people comes. …..
    HRH THE QUEEN, who has no power, but is kept as Head of State. (Her Majesty brings in visitor income which more than covers expenses). This is historically sound, and after the Crown comes. …..
    PARLIAMENT, with all the power. Such power is for only five years, and then as stated, the people can democratically grant a further five year term, or bring in another Government. After Parliament comes. …..
    COURTS OF JUSTICE, with their own pecking order, and their seniority levels. They implement the Laws that are handed down to them from Parliament, and accepted by the Crown. Following the Courts comes. …..
    ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, who make sure that Laws are kept to, and wherever needed. They include the Police, National Security and the Armed forces plus HMR&C. Following behind all of the above comes. …..
    THE LORDS, who fight no elections, and generally are appointed by the whim of Prime Ministers. While they pick apart and revise Laws from the Commons, they do a useful job, but when they get ‘confused’ with policy, they are of no use to anyone. They would do well to think on this matter, as they cling on to what is in effect a ‘grace and favour’ appointment, that is to many of us not required these days, or at least not in this format !

    • Margaret Dennis says:

      Hear, hear Mike. At least 26 of them have EU pensions, that may be at risk, but has even one of them stated their vested interest?
      I call for UKIP to put in their manifesto an openness contract, not just for the politicians but for all civil servants and paid officers of county and local authorities. This must be available for all to see.

  4. Kathy says:

    Let’s see what David Davies does… will he resign? Will the backbenchers contest?

  5. I guess we are getting to how this country is really run.

  6. Avril Green says:

    This is not a crushing defeat for the government – it’s a crushing defeat for the voters.

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