OPINION: Why It’s Vital To Bin Labour Councils

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This Nation wears the Labour Party, ( and the Conservative party in fact ), like a ball and chain to a mountain climber ! Just check how far down the toilet we have slid, with these two ancient monoliths of political drivel ! ………. For the Left, No ! for the right ! ….. For Socialism, No ! for Capitalism ! ………. HAS ANYONE THOUGHT ABOUT, ….. FOR THIS NATION AS A TOTAL ENTITY ! ………. Well Yes ! and that Party is called UKIP. An overdue ‘New Idea’ that the old Parties, with their bought and paid for media, have attempted to do away with, again and again. BUT WE ARE STILL HERE WITH OUR OFFER TO THE VOTERS, AND ALL THEY NEED DO IS MAKE THE CHANGE !

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Love the article, dead right. Love para 3, especially, a great rant! Trouble is, 20% of our nation’s voters (on my own observations) are either non European ethnics, self-loathing Brittons and Internationalist One-World dreamers – who naturally incline to vote Labour. So Labour captures probably 80% of that group that bother to vote. I do not think they will ever tire of political correctness, it is essential to them. So it’s up to UKIP to help show the ‘normal’ Labour people that labour doesn’t work for them and to vote UKIP instead of Tory. That’s a big double challenge! I’m hoping the Vets and Footballing lads may add to UKIP’s difference tomorrow in the local elections being held because it’s not at the national level so a few council seat changes makes relatively no difference in real terms unless it results in a full council reversal. So good luck with that one tomorrow, it will probably play to UKIP’s advantage if the turnout is low, a possibility given the tattered state of the big parties.

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