CAUGHT: Corbyn’s Agent Handing Out Fake Polling Cards

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    YES FOLKS, forget The Red Flag and all that old moody from the genuine Old Labour Party. This rule breaking and clawing at any chance of a vote, is the hallmark of Corbyn’s Labour Party today. LABOUR, the Government in waiting ! In a pigs arse !

  2. Simon Platt says:


    “You must not: Produce material that looks like the poll cards sent to voters by the Returning Officer.”

    It says here: (I suppose there is some legal prohibition behind those words.)

    (It’s a reminder, too, that we in UKIP must always be beyond reproach.)

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    So good to see Labour shooting themselves in the foot! I believe this to be Islington
    Election Agents should read and remember the rules.
    Much more nasty things have happened in Islington. We must keep our eyes on them and report every malevolent item.

  4. Dodgy says:

    Lie-bour relies on certain communities being ‘controlled’ by bent leaders, especially in Londonistan!

  5. Brenda Rattle says:

    Have you reported the matter to the appropriate authorities?

  6. Patricia Hot says:

    So.what´s new,it happened in the last general election,students ,promised ´no tuiton fees´ by Corbyn were voting twice,once in their home town and once wherever they were studying. Who made that possible, Corbinchov of course.He has not got an ounce of intergity or decency in his body,along with his party comrade Sadiq Kahn.

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