LOCAL ELECTIONS: Derby: The Jewel In A Shattered Crown

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20 Responses

  1. Gavin says:

    I’m afraid UKIP stumbles from defeat to defeat because while it was on the rise it was easy to paper over the cracks as a rising tide lifts all boats, but now the tide is out and it is exposed. All this stuff about not being whipped, etc actually all that means is that we were unprofessional. It isn’t clear to anyone what UKIP actually is, except anti-EU and anti-mass immigration. Its not enough. Are we a populist or a libertarian party? Nobody can answer. We swing from one extreme to another. Gerard is doing well but he’ll be gone in 9 months. Meanwhile still the same old faces at the top. Go to youtube and watch Tony McIntyre’s speech at Torquay, you won’t find it inspiring, believe me. I’m not sure he really knows where we should be going either.

    • Grumpyashell says:

      Having just got the email from Gerard on the elections I think he knew what was coming as on the daily politics he said he wanted an average of 5/7% of the vote.. he knows the party needs a major overhaul, proper management and proper communications and media presence. He has to unite the different factions, get more members and get policy right… there are elections next year so let these elections be the instigator of change… he needs our support… let’s do it

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    It will take a long, long time for the electorate to forget about the disaster that was Henry Bolton, despite the present valiant efforts of party optimists and the common sense approach of Gerard Batten.

    • Dominic says:

      One thing you could say for Thurrock it was fantastically professional, but was this ever held up as best practise and rolled out across country? No, because of petty jealousy. When I went there to help it opened my eyes as the only UKIP campaign that was really professional and sustained over years. And yet no attempt to learn and share.

      • Stanley Cutts says:

        Yes Dominic, I too put a day in at Thurrock leafletting 2 years ago and I was so impressed with their organised approach and esprit de corps which was always stimulated by Tim Aker. Other branches could learn a lot by copying their approach.

  3. rhys says:

    Just For Info: does anyone know yet what percentage of the vote UKIP received in those seats where it stood candidates ?

    • rhys says:

      I have found a result for Swindon : UKIP got 4% of votes cast, behind Greens on 5% and LibDems on 8%.
      Obviously not good , but at the same time LibDems have come back from worse results when they were behind UKIP.
      If UKIP would major, bigly, on immigration ( advocating a total [ or almost] Moratorium on all new immigration from whatever country ) I believe we could move ahead of LibDems by the time of the next Parliamentary by-election and / or other electoral contests.

  4. Grumpyashell says:

    Correct but to my mind there is another problem that needs to be addressed. The general public still see UKIP as basically a one issue party , that is to gain independence from the EU . Now by law next March the UK will leave the EU( in what state we still do not quite know) and four weeks later there are local elections in 270 constituencies… the general public will think job done and UKIP will be an irrelevance unless there is a name change and we can show our other policies and stay an alternative to the main parties . I know a lot of people will not like the change but I think it has to come

  5. Barrie says:

    Oh so the decision to move the EGM from Derby to Birmingham because Derbyshire had good support for the elected leader Henry Bolton has no bearing on the total demise OK Ukip supporters. You personally contributed to the destruction only Party left for the downtrodden but democracy supporting voters. Shame on you.

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Barrie have you now read the audited accounts you were moaning about for so long, and which were right under your nose the whole time but you couldn’t be bothered to find?

  6. John Bickley says:

    Good piece Darrell. You’ve hit the nail on the head. If UKIP wants to break the LibLabCon cartel at local level then turning up with ward candidates at five to midnight won’t do it. The local election wins in 2013/14 were a function of the meteoric rise of the party at national level and the EU elections taking place the same day as local elections, in other words the fantastic results were an exception.

    Winning local elections requires months/years of hard graft (especially if you’re not LibLabCon) with candidates that Darrell says of Alan: “He is, in the words of one constituent, “highly visible” and “always around”. UKIP leaflets were plentiful and consistent. Councillor Graves communicates with his constituents on a highly personal level, the product of relationships he has clearly worked hard to nurture over a span of years. This is something that you can’t wave a wand and create, it takes time, patience and hard graft.”

    Blaming Gerard for the disastrous results, as Bill Etheridge did this morning via the media is an outrage. Regardless of who is the Leader last night’s results have been on the cards for months. Had Nuttall turned out to be a great leader (as most of us hoped he would) then we might have done a little better.

    I see Tim Aker has won his ward standing as a Thurrock Independent, against a UKIP candidate. Can the party confirm that he has been kicked out of the party and had the MEP whip withdrawn from him. The other Thurrock traitors lost their TI seats last night – good.

    • forthurst says:

      Unfortunately, much of Etheridge’s effort is misplaced: it is difficult to see how presiding over a pseudo-intellectual think-tank which concerns itself with the politics of Catalonia and Ukraine or standing in a field in Sussex lecturing a dozen students on Libertarianism would convince the council voters of Dudley that he was the man to represent them.

  7. John Hatfield says:

    We have no media working for us.

  8. Russell Hicks says:

    Totally and utterly agree – communications are dire, I’ve written about this many times on UKIP Daily and many people agree with me but nothing changes; it’s an uphill struggle trying to get HQ to understand. As you say ‘UKIP as a Party is shot-through with amateurism’. Remember how Saatchi transformed the Tories fortunes? Maggie Thatcher was smart enough to delegate marketing to people who know how to do it. UKIP by contrast, has consistently pushed advertising experts aside and said ‘no, do it like this!’. And ‘this’ turns out to be toe curlingly awful. As Paul Oakden said ‘thank goodness the press weren’t allowed into the EGM’.

  9. urquhart says:

    What is the problem with bill etheridge ? seemingly The party is fighting on two fronts as in the hth and bill etheridge.

  10. Margaret Dennis says:

    Do I agree? Yes!
    Cllr Alan Graves and new Cllr Paul Bettany show that hard work and the workers to do so will succeed.
    In Devon we worked so hard for the referendum, local elections and the PCC elections. We had leaflets to give out, street stalls, attended hustings.
    What do we have now? Nothing, no leaflets bar OUT NOW, a few badges of the same. No corex boards, no banners. The shop (now Gift Point) charging too much with no choice of shipping. HO cannot supply anything and know of nothing in the offing.
    Due to Nuttall and the LibDem Bolton I have been out of the UKIP loop but did my area receive any leaflets? Not one and another friend has received nothing in the Teignbridge area, just a short distance from HO. If those in the party are not prepared to deliver a few leaflets every quarter what hope do we have?
    If I have to I will campaign all of the area alone, although that is unlikely to happen, but we need to have the werewithall, so off our backsides, fingers out of wherever and work for success in local elections 2019. These will be crucial as they are more rural than yesterday’s mainly urban wards and therefore more UKIP.
    Give us the ability and we will respond.
    By the way I did stand as an Independent for County Elections, right decision at that point but with a strong leader we cannot fail in 2019.
    Are we strong enough yet?

  11. Ray Bobbin says:

    Gerard Batten is a great leader. Support him as people in London did. Time to grow. Stop the in fighting. Lets all meet under one roof and start campaigning now. We need to tell every one whats happening in this country. The Media, Sky BBC all trying to control us. Dont let it happen.

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