LOCAL ELECTIONS: Momentum Fail To Win Single Council

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I voted Labour once. but then I voted for the old Liberal Party once ! Labour was once an alternative idea for Government, but was not to my liking for this Nation. I never joined any political party till now in my 70s, UKIP with its A1 manifesto is saying everything that I have been saying for many years, and I am an outspoken proud Party member.
    Labour, under its leadership of today, seems to have morphed into two parties. Their are those who just hate Tory thinking but forget that Labour isn’t doing thinking at all ! Then there is the more aggressive lot called Momentum, that only have a passing relationship to Democracy !
    One thing is for sure, UKIP is in the people’s minds, but mainly hung up on a Bolt-on hook, and the absence of UKIP upon ballot papers has not helped the Party at all. When I take the Lottery, I will give a George Soros like gift to UKIP. I PROMISE !

    • Margaret Dennis says:

      Yes, Mike, getting UKIP back onto every ballot paper is key to letting the electorate know that, contrary to the media, UKIP is alive and kicking. Unfortunately the resources are not available at the moment. We must target carefully in 2019 and any by-elections must be with local candidates.
      People who live in their own areas know what problems need addressing. I abhor “parachuting” which is why we have a Somerset living MP in Tiverton and Honiton. He is DEFRA but is out to destroy farming here and only visits for the photo opportunities. The primary school is oversubscribed and is now the only one in Devon “below average”. At last DCC has realised that they need to review their assertion that it can take more children which allows development without any payments to the education budget but we have been mislead by them for years. When we addressed this he said write to me, he has done nothing. It is the local voices making changes.
      UKIP must not make those mistakes, learn from Alan Graves, Paul Bettany, Tom Collis on how they keep in touch with the electorate constantly, build relationships and use this to write their electoral leaflets.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    I think all the main parties are in a turmoil at the moment, UKIP is one of them, and unfortunately, now the Brexit vote is behind us, many kippers have gone back to voting for their old party once again. It was always one of my concerns when I was a kipper member that a lot of others were Tories who wanted Brexit and saw UKIP as a temporal vehicle for that UK policy change. How UKIP can ever attract them back I do not know. UKIP may have to build up from a new (younger) generation who have never been loyal to other parties before. I was also disappointed that there were so few UKIP candidates standing in my town and none in my ward – so I just turned up to spoil the paper. UKIP may be in the people’s minds buy I don’t see it in their hearts at the moment. Happy to be proven wrong at the earliest opportunity of course and with the other parties still in self destruct mode UKIP may able to re-find and re-define itself into a new brand for the next election though I imagine that it will be a difficult piece of work to achieve.

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