KHAN’S LONDON: ‘Prisons Are For Burning’ – SHOCKING Posters In London

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I am totally against illegal immigrants, and deportation is correct and expected ! However, I own a shop property and had a good Chinese tenant, whose visa ran out. This young entrepreneur was deported, and was given no way back by China. He has my shop full of goods and equipment, and his staff are carrying out his instructions, given by email. He has shown himself to be an honorable young guy, as he sent his rent to me for the next three months, and instructed his Solicitor to release his claim to the deposit, due to his enforced abandonment of the Lease.
    It is obvious that this tenant would be welcomed by any Landlord. Entrepreneurial skills connected to an honorable standing in life, but brought to nothing by our very nasty Home Office (HO), and their counterpart in China ! Now with this out of place action being taken by our HO, WHY do we have space for ”Anti Raids Network” in this country ? There are illegal immigrants here and immediate, forceful action is required to deport them all. Or, is our HO taking the view of deportation target figures, being the main objective, and those who wish to fight deportation can wait until the soft targets have been deported ?

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