BREAKING: The Final Insult As Peers Vote Through ANOTHER Pro-Remain amendment

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well I think their a queer lot in the Commons for still tolerating the Lords ! However these antics by the Lords, might, only might, have dropped an explosive into their engine room ! They can’t continue as being an undemocratic House of Lords !

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    They must be on a death wish! Time to get rid of the toffee-nosed scumbags..

  3. Brenda Rattle says:

    Where the heck is Guy Fawkes when you need him?!?

    Kind regards.

  4. Eric Westhorpe says:

    When are you in Goverment going to guvern ,tell the House of Lords to act like Lords if not then you will do exactly what Oliver Gromwell did back 17Centry ,if he can do it so can you,so as our elected Government Guvern.

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