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  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    Great point of view 👏👏👏

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks Darrell, and a real UKIP thumbs up to Tom Commis and the Kippers of Burnley !
    This item has been well thought through, and covers rather important ‘Sales Approaches’. I can only hope that due notice and a lot of consideration is taken by the Branches. Being too old and unwell to even attend my local Branch meetings, is frustrating enough for me, without seeing what UKIP stands for, and evaluating the Party’s manifesto as A1, yet the Party falls on its SALES ! The Party needs selling. It is what the people would want if they knew some details, and when it comes to Politics, the people in high numbers will not be inquiring, they will have to be told. The professional video for Tom, was what we need !
    UKIP needs to understand that no room will be given to us in National advertising, other than what we make for ourselves. It is the one area that the old Parties are united on ! – Another Party is bad enough, but a Party putting Democracy and the people first, along with the good of the Nation, is just going too far. – Good grief whatever next ! ! !
    My other little moan, is the banner of ‘The other Parties have had their chance. Now for something (”different”).’ The Monster Raving Loony Party was different ! How about ‘Now the Best for our Nation.’ ………. This piece is correct about presentation, and buckets of money are not required. I well remember in business ( way back ), getting a 40% increase in business by ditching the duplicated order forms, for attractive printed forms. ( I expected about 10% extra that would just cover the extra cost, but 40%! ).

  3. JJ says:

    The problem is the gullible British, they moan about immigration but revert to type and vote for either tweedlee or tweedledum. Kudos to you guys, but I would much rather a Party like the FN than UKIP, to be honest, you guys are just too PC and establishment friendly.

  4. Russell Hicks says:

    Great article Tom

  5. Gavin says:

    Great article. Congratulations. Should be on UKIPs NEC.

  6. Margaret Dennis says:

    Great post and taken on board, will have to join FB and get the branch involved at our next meeting.
    What Tom is saying is exactly what is needed.

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