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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I am spitting cobs on this matter now. I just want to knock heads together, Tory and Labour. I see them both as useless as one another. UKIP HAS TO TAKE OVER BEFORE THIS OLD NATION IS SMOTHERED BY INCONSEQUENTIAL PIFFLE. I have had my gut-full of ‘Could we’ – ‘Might we be able to’ – We will try this for agreement’ – ‘Will the EU allow us’ and ‘Brexit means Brexit !’ etc.! etc.! IT IS PAST THE TIME FOR ALL THAT DRIVEL. I WANT TO HEAR, ‘WE HAVE’, ‘WE’RE OFF’, ‘GOODBYE’, AND WE HAVE DECIDED ! Her Majesty’s Britannic Government must act that part, rather than some down trodden serfdom. BACK THE PEOPLE !

  2. Philip Winter says:

    This is exactly the information we need if we are to start our next Party direction into the bowel’s of Westminster.

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