OPINION: Freedom Of The Press – We Lose It At Our Peril

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6 Responses

  1. Cllr Philip Winter says:

    I agree with a Free Press.
    But for several years the left-wing journalism have been allowed to alter written statements to imply something different for increased sensationalism by folk, hiding behind what is deemed an artistic licence!
    I had a letter on violent knife crime by masked bandit’s attacking Lorry drivers at Calais, which was embellished by the Journalist to imply it was attacking Muslims and their religion. That encouraged others who read that scurrilous article to complain to the Council where I sit as a Councillor, and the Police for a Hate crime, and months of investigation by the Standards Board, and further comments printed by that Newspaper over following weeks on that original post which I never wrote in that way!
    We must be wary of giving more powers to deliberately persecute those with differing political viewpoints, allowing a system to be abused by mischievous troublemakers. This one area does need reform. UKIP have many issues to raise and debate. Most could be viewed wrongly by the judiciary with unfair prosecution’s following?
    Even though smears happened to me several times over the years, and was eventually exonerated, I never received any apology, nor a follow up stating such in the media!!
    I want to see our party UKIP take such grievous issues all to readily made to the Prime Minister for much needed reform. UKIP have much to offer this country, but legislation is being used by stealth to shut us down, to muzzle those of us placing our heads above the parapets on the front line!!!
    Of course we should debate religion and race, we are a Christian Country and with a long held traditional historic culture. That does not make us xenophobic nor racist, yet the media are allowed to malign us. This is the issue I want UKIP to make a Party policy with great urgency today?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I gave up on newspapers some years ago now, National and Local. It is not possible to be free of them entirely, due to the program ‘What the Papers Say.’ Local papers are full of advertising, so I am well shot of them. I am probably drawn slightly to the Express, but no National paper is wanted by me until sensational news breaks. The MPs expenses scandal and the phone tapping account come to mind. In any case the papers are covered on the internet.
    If Government or, for that matter, the Opposition get their hands on the papers, then we will have a real useless bunch of papers that will not be worth the purchase, and freedom of speech will be history ! We know the diametric difference between the Mail and the Mirror, and the soggy mess of Murdoch’s papers, all of them not worth the purchase price, until they have done some digging and a real story emerges. Otherwise they are good for lighting a fire !

  3. Marilyn Catling says:

    What I would say about the press is not that complimentary. I totally agree that a free press is necessary, but the caveat for me would be that they stop being so politically focussed.

    The truth should be told, not the truth as it suits, the actual truth. It seems to be acceptable these days to use Political Correctness as a shield, for example the news blackout on the March for Freedom last Sunday. It was an event that should have been covered like it or not.

    The Media in my view have never sunk so low as these past few years. I cannot trust any of the news outlets as they are totally biased in their reporting. I voted to leave the EU, but to find a channel or a site that reports the truth is impossible. The media has a grave responsibility to put facts forward as they are, not how the can be made to look.

  4. Janice North says:

    Thank everyone so far. I agree, mostly. It is impossible to stop biased reporting, even with the best journalists as they are, after all, just humans with opinions! But if the press is not free, it will be even worse. We will only hear what suits the state, which is even worse. We must be free to offend, to give opinions, to get it wrong, and to pay the price if necessary, but always to be free.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      …. and Labour’s Tom Watson wants to tilt the playing field by making the papers pay everyones legal costs, irrespective of the findings of the Court ! …. Perhaps The Mirror would escape ? ! Do you want this guy in Government Janice ? I thought not !

  5. Janice North says:

    We have to fight this every time it comes up!

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