BREXIT IN DANGER: Tory Rebel Backs Second Referendum

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5 Responses

  1. Jim Hammond says:

    “Remain in the EU” or “Leave the EU”, yes what an abstract choice. No wonder that people are becoming more and more weary of the politicians, elites, and academics that are ruining this country.

  2. Eric Westhorpe says:

    How many other words are you going to find to discriminate against the people that voted leave,talk about a politician doing their double talk, do your really think it’s clever to come out with such words that in reality stand for nothing to do with the vote ,only for you to try to br notice , so once and for there will be no second referendum,the public know what they voted for a were not confused about the way it was label.

  3. John Hatfield says:

    The question was only abstract if you didn’t like the answer Mr Grieve.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dominic Grieve has got it wrong. The word ”abstract” does not fit the question on the referendum ballot paper, and I would suggest that he knows that very well ! ….. Consider an Artillery group, that have loaded their cannon, aimed it and given the signal of ‘Ready’! An officer gives the command ‘Fire’! Does Mr Grieve consider it acceptable for the lead of the cannon group, instead of pulling the fire cord, he asks ”In what sense do you mean fire”?
    NO my old darling Dominic, the question asked on the ballot paper was as blunt as it was direct, with no error involved, and your attempt to call it abstraction only goes to show how how much time you have spent with EU people ! The EU would have us vote again, and again, until they had the answer they wanted, but that won’t wash in UK/GB. The question was put to the people, and the people gave their answer.
    It is a fact that many MPs and voters, have lost sight of a clear fact, and I suggest you regain this fact A.S.A.P. ….. MPs are elected by the people to do the will of the people, and are therefore the servants of the people. Mr Grieve, if you don’t like that fact, my suggestion is that you leave politics. The people, democratically, have instructed you to leave the EU. – GO TO IT !

  5. Margaret robinson says:

    True. What is in their mind is the fact that another ref. would give them a big advantage just as the eu funding in 1975 gave the yes team a huge advantage. A 2 ref would be funded by millionaires Soros the EU establishments big business and Google removing pro brexit posts. This is not a level playing field and they would find ways to hide their over spending as they did last time

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