Customs Union – Stupidity Or Sabotage?

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    No, its not sabotage. It is stupidity, but of a very dirty kind, and remember that it is THE LORDS that we are talking about, that would like us to see them as ennobled individuals, close to the top of the National heap, with only our Sovereign above them ! What we have to understand is that many of these Lords, are voting out of SELF INTEREST ONLY, due to moneys being received from the EU for their land holding ! These Lords have traded their ennoblement for the regular, grubby sums of money that are received, and therefore have little claim to this Nation ! THEY HAVE MADE THEIR GRUBBY CHOICE, NOW GET RID OF THEM !

  2. Anthony Woodcock says:

    I am completely disenchanted with the CIB and the acerbic Richard North who keep plugging the EEA route for GB. This is the Norway option. It has been debated and turned down by the HoCommons; we would have to accept free movement and open borders; we would be in the Single Regulated Market and their regs plus it would give our civil serpents every opportunity to accept further idiot regulations and directives; we would be subject to legal oversight by the European so-called Court of Justice, which is not legal but a political means to enforce a country called ” Europe”. It in no way meets the test of taking back control in those areas and does not constitute leaving IMO.

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