CLUELESS: Keir Starmer Can’t Give One Brexit Benefit

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Keir Starmer, Hmm ! Well he is in the right Party to make that comment. The same Party that keeps on its front bench the Abbott woman ! Then we have the Party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn who at PMQs reads out what Mabel from Bugbrook has said, with an intended sting to Maggie May, but with all her mistakes, he hasn’t been able to land a glove on her. What a miserable bunch !

  2. Grumpy Owl says:

    The over-use of the buzz-word “meaningful” drives me mad. They throw this word around without providing any backing to what will actually be ‘meaningful’ about anything.

    If you apply the logic of ‘inversion’, what they are actually saying is that they want a ‘meaningless’ vote, just a way to further obfuscate matters.

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