BREAKING: David Kurten To Contest Lewisham East For UKIP

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6 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    Good choice. Best of luck David.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Having David Kurten standing for our Party in Lewisham is about as good as it gets. He is a very likable, and a well thought of guy, but as we all know. its down to the people, on the day of election. Go to it David, we know you will give of your best !

  3. Alec Yates says:

    Great news an excellent candidate, best of luck David.

  4. Helena Windsor says:

    Congratulations David!
    That’ll be fun then – up against Anne-Marie in her old seat. Let’s see who Lewisham East thinks speaks for them.

    Might even be up for a bit of campaigning for you David!

  5. John Francis says:

    The selection of the excellent David Kurten to fight the Lewisham by election for UKIP is indeed very good news for the Party. I don’t think that UKIP could find a better candidate.
    However I am saddened to see that David will be going head to head against AMW who will be the For Britain representative.
    AMW is a very positive and truthful politician in my opinion, and worthy of the utmost respect, as is David Kurten.
    The one thing that is certain is that the people who agree with both David and AMW and they will have very similar policies, will be forced to decide which of the two to vote for, and so splitting the sensible vote.

  6. urquhart says:

    Two peoples with like minded feelings on some issues, I voted AM Waters in the leadership election against bolton, then on losing, instead of staying in the party she , of her own accord left to start yet another party, in doing so she was in point of fact taking potential new members from the UKIP party.
    David Kurten is ideal with a good history educationally / and in the usage of common sense.

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