Scrap The Scottish Parliament! UKIP Chair BLASTS Holyrood

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5 Responses

  1. Rob McWhirter says:

    I remember when I stood in the very first trabch of candidates on an Abolish Folyrood campaign – I wonder how much support there would be now!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The MSPs may be kicking and screaming on this, but they have to understand that THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITON is the unit member in the EU, and that is the fact that holds fast to our recent referendum. Scotland’s referendum came up short in the vote to leave UK/GB, and I’m sure that Scots don’t want to diminish Democracy !

    • John Ferguson says:

      Nobody is really kicking & screaming about this, except perhaps the Lib Dems & certainly not joe public, the whole thing is just a pretence. It is an important issue which has conveniently arisen, to provoke a big disagreement & falling out over, thereby leaving HMG with no option but to overrule the Scottish Parliament, creating more discontent, disharmony & grievance. The perception of a wholly contrived constitutional crisis will ensue, in the hope of creating a favourable political climate in which to demand & hold another Scottish Independence referendum, before the SNP mandate expires in 2021. After losing 21 seats last June & their abysmal track record after a decade in control, they now know their days are numbered. With a sell by date for their product on the horizon, Scottish indyref will finally be over for at least a generation as promised, maybe forever. Consequently desperation has set in amongst the diehard SNP activists, forcing the leadership to clutch at any issue, which could be weaponised to use as the pretext for holding a rerun.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Yes, I’m with you on that John. Devolved Government probably had some appeal to begin with, in the minds of the Rob Roy characters in Scotland, but the SNP have made a bit of a pigs breakfast of it ! How the canny Scots bypassed their wallets, and embraced a further, expensive level of Government, is well beyond me !

  3. John Carins says:

    Denying British independence by thwarting the referendum result could equally apply to any future Scottish referendum. The SNP need to think carefully because who is to say that the HoC could not vote down Scottish independence? What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. In other words if the Brexit result is undemocratically overturned then a future Scottish referendum is meaningless.

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