TRUMP VISIT: Historic Unity March Greets US President

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6 Responses

  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    I am delighted that the true patriots of our country are going to welcome Mr Trump. Like his policies or not, he has kept his word to bring changes into law that others before him have not. It seems that good people in this world are often hated because they stand up and say what they believe, instead of getting power and not using it for fear of political correctness. Trump in my opinion should have a welcome to rival the best of people invited here. Not a welcome that Muslims and Antifa organise.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I thoroughly dislike Donald Trump as an individual, whilst accepting his position as President of the USA. Other people with a similar view to mine, would do well to copy my intention of staying at home. There is nothing to be gained by being rude to the guy, or showing disdain, such attitude or actions would only damage our own reputation ! He is certainly rather unique from other Presidents, but that is best left to the people of the USA to praise or condemn him ! The likes of Antifa, and others of similar low intellect, I hope will be drowned out by those, who actually like the guy !

  3. Jake Bennett says:

    He has to large extent kept much of the electoral promises he made to his blue collar voters which is something to admire him for. He has rattled the establishment cage in America and shoots from the hip so to speak. Again this is something to admire about him. He puts America first not like our political elites who as a whole must rank amongst the most dishonest and despicable low life in the Western world. I don’t go along with everything he has done by any means especially his regretable decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem but no leader can suit everyone.
    Yes, I welcome the leader of the most powerful and richest country on earth visiting this country and I hope he will give Brexit a boost.
    Maybe he can give us some advice on how to drain our British political establishment swamp too.

  4. Grumpy Owl says:

    Donald Trump is pretty much Marmite to me. Yes, it is true that he is following through on SOME of the promises he made before he was elected, and for that I will give him some credit. At the end of the day though, he is just another Establishment stooge, despite his claims of being “anti-Establishment”.

    But that’s beside the point. I find it absurd that so many are willing to protest while he visits our country. Yet no-one bats an eyelid while truly horrific people are welcomed with open arms by our own government, namely the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the prime minister of Israel, and the forthcoming visit by the dictator of Turkey. Where are the protests against the mass slaughter of Yemenis? Where are the protests against the mass slaughter of Palestineans? Where are the protests against the mass slaughter of Kurds?

    For all his faults, I would welcome Donald Trump to the UK, and if people want to protest, they should at least learn something about what they’re protesting against. Donald Trump is no saint, and neither is Netanhyu or Erdogan, or the Saud fella. I know who I’d rather shake hands with.

  5. Margaret Robinson says:

    Yes I will be there. More importantly we need one politcal party that we can all vote for. This may not put us into power bu it would get us a few MP,S Time for all pro brexit and pro british parties to put country before party. The vertans and ukip alliances should merge and build a strong party instead of splitting the vote. Out votes are not big enough to withstand splitting so no one wins. Pooled resourses, ideas, and compromises could make a great party that we can all vote for. One of the vetrans parties advocates direct democracy.. It may not be achievable but its different and exciting and could attract votes for this reason. Country before party

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