OPINION: Our Throwaway Society is Swamping Us

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3 Responses

  1. StuartJ says:

    I think the issue is that too many people have the attitude that they can chuck their rubbish wherever they like as long as it becomes ‘someone else’s problem’.

    Litter and fly-tipping drives me mad here in Birmingham. Just a few years ago, all residents were entitled to up to 6 free ‘bulky waste’ removals a year, with further ones being chargeable. That was scrapped by the Labour council, with ALL bulky waste removals being charged at £25 a time, and it is no surprise that the levels of fly-tipping have significantly increased. The other irony is that the number of prosecutions for fly-tipping is DROPPING. Yet, on some streets you can’t move for refrigerators and mattresses, as well as all manner of other rubbish, dumped on pavements.

    Birmingham City Council’s (BCC) reason for making all bulky waste collections chargeable was due to ‘cost-cutting’. Yet I’m willing to bet that it is costing them far more to clear up fly-tipping than it used to.

    The other scourge of course is ‘unlicensed waste carriers’. Usually a “man in a van” who’ll charge less than the council to ‘remove bulky waste’. They take your rubbish – and your money – then drive somewhere and dump it. The householder doesn’t care, they’ve paid their tenner and the rubbish has ‘gone’.

    Last year, I got back to work in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, after Christmas, disgusted to find we’d had a load of rubbish tossed over our fence onto our car park (note that if its on private property its not the councils responsibility, someone knew what they were doing). I was utterly amazed that on one of the boxes that had been dumped was a delivery address label, which was an address in Rubery, miles away! Someone had driven MILES to dump this rubbish, passing TWO local household recycling centres that will take rubbish FREE OF CHARGE!

    I could go on, but I just find myself getting angry. As a regular user of local buses, I also get annoyed by rubbish left by other passengers who can’t be arsed to take their litter with them. I really can’t get to grips with the mentality that thinks its perfectly fine to leave half-full bottles of beer to roll around the saloon, or to leave half-eaten southern-fried chicken bones on seats. (I dread to think what their homes are like!)

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Part of this problem is that white kitchen goods are made down to a price, and quite simply they are crap, with a life of just weeks ! My step Mum at 98 was given a new kitchen by her well to do Son, and luckily I visited as she prepared to see her gas cooker taken away. On previous visits I had told her that although the ”New World Cooker” was well over 70 years old, bought when she was first married, it was a King to the modern rubbish that I had ! I have been using it now for ten years, and it is a pleasure to keep clean due to its heavy build, and superb enamel that can take attention from wire wool cleaning, with lots of life left in it, but then I have always gone in for ”make and mend” in company with some expert assistance for repair and safety checks !

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    Consumerism, built in obselescence, celebrity iconism all these make for a very “must have” for new all the time. If those who voted Remain really cared about the UK they would recognise that hyper-capitalism is not the answer.
    Education is the answer again but will only work if those learning will listen instead of shouting for their rights against common sense.
    Lord Willetts is wrong to suggest £10,000 on reaching 25 years of age. Where is the work ethic to be found? What will they spend it on? Does he have vested interests in financial services (see below), goods, drug trade or other sinister reasons?
    He advocates taking money from our young family members by suggesting, we without mortgages on our hard won homes, take out the equity. This is not the answer because they will not learn how to budget, to go without. Hubs and I cut each others hair, had shoes repaired, bought secondhand goods, ….
    Education, education, education and I am in full agreement with Janet, Stuart and Mike.

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