“Perpetual Purgatory”! Mogg SLAMS Staying In The Customs Union

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6 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    We know what to do………millions must crowd into London on 23 June, and make our presence felt in unambiguous terms.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Moggy does have a way with words, thank goodness. His evaluation of Brexit is impeccable, and right now as a backbencher, he is in the right place to ride as a shotgun upon his Party’s Government. ( Any chance of inviting him to UKIP ? ).

  3. David Weaver says:

    Theresa May you stated “No Deal is better than a bad deal” Now is the time to walk away. Be strong Theresa and say NO! NO! NO! and walk away or as sure as eggs are eggs you will force a general election and you will be the loser because you will lose the defectors from other parties, like me, they want Great Britain back show belief in US!!!

  4. I am sick and tired of this procrastinaTORY government, who have perpetuarly worked AGAINST the indigenous British people !!!! All our services, fought for over two world wars, are being chipped away at an ALARMING RATE, whIle the EU so called leaders BASK IN OUR DEMISE !!!
    Lets face it – they, the EU, ARE FAST WINNING THIS SNEAKY WAR !!!

  5. Anthony Woodcock says:

    I think you are right that the EU is running rings round our treacherous politicos, but the euro project could well collapse before our exit is allowed by the spineless ones. Think : Italy, the Visegrad4 – Hungary, Poland Czech Republic and Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, nearly half of France and even a lot of Germans. The euro has spread unemplyment and social injustice across the Continent and Islamisation is rampant, most specifically in Sweden and Germany. That is no comfort to us, since we also have a government actively promoting the sharia blasphemy law to silence critics.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Is that right Anthony ? Then it is high time I repeated what I have said before, since I am a critic, and I won’t be silenced ! Islam’s Koran was penned by Mohammad, but inspired by ‘a spirit’ which you can call Archangel Gabriel, or Allah, or whatever, the main point is that it is not Almighty God. Islam is NOT A RELIGION ! It was and is a device of FEAR, brought about by a bloodthirsty man working to unify Arab tribes. He succeeded by slaughtering those who did not buy into his idea. He was rich, due to his marriage to a rich widow, which is not bad for a goat or camel driver ! He sired umpteen children, by many very young females, but when he died of old age, he did not make arrangements for someone to carry on what he had started, and that brought about a split in Islam, which continues through to today, but the factions keep fear very much alive and is promoted through Muslim families. If any family member thinks for him or herself, and wishes to change to the true religion, they had better watch their back ! When you consider the facts, free of fear, and swallow the notion that Allah and God are one and the same, then you have to accept that the God of Jew and Christian is a very confused deity, which we know is wrong !

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