NEC ELECTIONS: So You Think You Want To Be On The NEC?

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    NO THANKS Kipper Central. This is too much like hard work now that I’m retired ! Thank goodness that there are folk who wish to do this job. The Party’s NEC generally do well, but you draw your hair shirt from stores upon being elected !

  2. James Towell says:

    I’d stand for the NEC. UKIP is at a cross road now. Bolton wrecked us. The public don’t see the point of us as “we’ve won our battle to get a vote to leave the EU” oh and won that btw. We’ve won the battle but not the war. We’re still in the EU and will be in all but name if May get’s her way. Anyway got off point as to why I’d be willing to stand. Our party even now under Gerard’s good leadership is still split. I was meant to be standing as a Councillor. This was decided by my local party almost 6 months before the council elections. Then I was torpedoed, no better way to put it by my own party UKIP a day before the council elections. If we want to win anything we need willing candidates! Next UKIP as a Party we do well due to all our different opinions on certain things. But we are still united in our core ideal’s. Leave the EU, Fairness and control of immigration, Look after our own nation first, Home’s given out on a basis of put our own first. There is nothing wrong with any of our policy’s. If anything we could be called too “Liberal”

  3. Barrie says:

    You jest Sir the debacle over the convulsions concerning the removal of Mr Bolton provided enough evidence to the contrary. Ukip should never have been anything but a Political Party not a bloody Ltd Company. You are still plotting to keep power from the grassroots members. You are a total sham.

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