KHAN’S LONDON: Violent Crime In London “Out Of Control” Says Kurten

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Being a very ordinary guy with ordinary views and attitudes, I would have thought that murders that have attained the level of a plague in our Capital City, would have brought about urgent action from the Authorities !
    What’s the matter with Mayor Khan ? Is it his Muslim standing that sees this as normal ? Is it his Labour Party membership that brings about the ” Could not give a damn ” attitude ? Is it neither, and he’s just plain useless ?
    It takes time and effort to bring about good ! – It takes laxity and stupidity to bring about the bad !

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This guy Khan, was elected as London’s Mayor, so it is the people that wanted this guy ! Are they happy with their choice ?
    Prewar, an interesting man named Sillitoe, was given the job of dealing with the razor gangs in Glasgow. He succeeded by adding to the Police, well trained ex rugby players who without armament used no half measures in dealing with the razor thugs. Hospitals were kept busy, but in short time, no more razor gangs ! Effective action like that is now required in London !

  3. Ian Hensman says:

    Harder Punishments are called for, Not just short gentle periods in soft jails but Spells of HARD Brutal labour according to the severity of each crime. In Fact, Chain Gangs would perhaps be worth considering so that offenders could be seen to be punished on the streets. Pothole repair could be well catered for, many jobs could be done that would be useful to society and the criminals could be worked hard enough so they were too tired and hungry to resist.

  4. John Francis says:

    I am not a Londoner, I do not live in London, but I have a number of friends who do live in London and I must say I find their views frightening.
    The 4 of them are my age and retired or approaching retirement.
    They are left wing politically and would be Labour voters by nature.
    All are married with children, 2 of them are married to women from other countries, one a Muslim.
    I do not claim to speak on their behalf, but they all think that Sadiq Khan is doing a good job as Mayor of London under difficult circumstances.
    They all blame central government and a lack of funding for Londons’ problems.
    They all believe that diversity is a good thing for Britain and is a bonus for our Country.
    When I have expressed my opinion that we have a problem with the high level of immigration into the U.K., I have been told that I am wrong and that I believe the “right wing press”, wherever that might exist!
    All of my friends are intelligent people, 6 of the 8 held professional jobs.
    My opinion of Sadiq Khan is that he is a dangerous man with an anti British agenda.
    However, I think that my friends would take great exception to that view and because of that, I have never expressed it to them.
    I have a very small window into the thinking of Londoners and to be honest it worries me.
    If a man like Khan is seen as the voice of reason to otherwise intelligent, sensible people I really do fear the worst for our Capital City.

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