‘INSULTING’: Police Accused of Covering Up Foreign Born MURDERER Of Three Boys

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There is anger in this Nation, but being British, only a few ware it in public. I have warned via Facebook that The Government is pushing its luck. There are just too many facts of incorrect Governance taking place, for the people’s acceptance to continue, and I am not over-calling it when I raise the spectre of ‘Civil War.’ For too long now, the Establishment have been saying that what happened in France in the 1790s could never happen in Britain. I suggest that they think again, because if the Government won’t do their job, then the people will ! I sincerely pray that Government wakes up in good time !

  2. Hi Mike, I live in Australia as a dual citizen, having emigrated out here for a better life and standard of living. That said, I still have a love and great regard for Britain, its Sovereignty, its independence and position in my life. I spent 27 years as a Royal Marine Commando, working for British interests around the world, at the behest of her Government.
    Over the past two years I have been ranting and raving on social media at what I believe is a treasonous plot by people in high office and business to deny Britain and its people their independence to run their own laws, trade, economy and border enforcement. Of late on various sites, I have said that all of the ranting on social media isn’t enough. There needs to be a huge demonstration of loyal British subjects in London to bring the city to a stop and show those in Government, that enough is enough.
    Britain is almost on its knees from bad negotiating with the European Union and the absolute barbarous influx of illegal immigrants and the the use of tax payers money to settle them in the country, when they really should be rounding them up and shipping them out. To allow the police and other local and government depts to deny the British people their rights to to things they have worked for, yet allowing organisations like islamists (mostly young males), to roam the country causing havoc and doing what ever they want, even if it’s against the law.

    Yes, I see the writing on the wall and a civil war is not improbable , but it needs people with guts to start organising if that is to happen, but I fear the people don’t have the same fight as our parents did during WW2 and time is running out.

  3. John Wright says:

    Your last three lines say it all Richard. I believe there is widespread apathy amongst younger people, those who’s education was orchestrated by the liberal leftie europhiles over the last few decades & who have scant regard for Britain’s incredible efforts the World over? & no loyalty whatever to this Country? Add a Gov’t that hasn’t a clue & one filled with turncoats! Too many treacherous so called lords & one realises that failing a people’s uprising, our great old Nation is probably doomed.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Re mine of 24 May. The Government’s ‘Authorities’ have pushed their luck, and fast Police and Courts have jailed Tommy Robinson for being a pain in their butt. I thought they had more sense than to do that, but they don’t seem to have read British history. Tommy has spoken out, mainly on the matter of Islamic rape gangs, and I have, only today, learnt of the involvement of members of our own authorities, being involved in, what amounts to under age sex, and the matter is being killed by the wider authorities. This will not be allowed to stand, and putting Tommy in harms way with Islamic prisoners, is a guarantee of civil action !

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