WATCH: Lauren Southern On Tommy Robinson Arrest

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5 Responses

  1. Harry Merrick says:

    Guess what? Your link to the Downing Street protest over Tommy Robinson doesn’t work! Sabotage by Face Book? Highly likely one supposes.! Or governmental interference. Trying to put down the Working Classes? Highly likely! Hopefully, none of this will work.
    Another Link please?

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    This does appear to be a “Rush to Justice”. On the face of it, Mr Robinson does have a legitimate cause for Appeal, as to be brought before a Judge an hour after arrest, not for a Bail Hearing but a trial, with asntance passed. I believe that in Law, both sides are supposed to have a reasonable time to prepare their case. An hour is not even enough time for a solicitor to meet Mr Robinson, let alone rep are a defence, a appoint a Barristor to act for him in Court! Regarding the charge of breaching Reporting Restrictions. The paper concerned may have published their article before the restriction came into force, indeed it may be the reason for it, this needs clarification, but, what ever the perceived infraction may have been, the accused must be allowed the time needed to instruct, and consult with his legal representatives, before going to a hearing that may result in a custodial sentence. A Bail hrearning wouldnormlly take place before a trial is started, and Bail only not being granted for serious crimes, where intimidation of witnesses is a possibility or the accused absconding. The risk of absofinding is usually covered by confiscation of the accused passport. Contempt of Court is a serious charge, but should reference to a report in the public domain be contempt, Mr Robinson was not breaching the non reporting injunction, but publicising a newspaper report, not commenting on the case it contained. In my opinion, the whole business is suspect to say the least, the most important point bein the speed of the process from arrest to incarceration. The Law demands a “Fair Trial”, the accessed has a constitutional right to time to prepare his defence. Had this happened in, say Russia, the British Government would be screaming about Mr Robinson’s right to a fair trail being ignored.
    He should be released on these grounds alone and no further action be taken under double jeopardy rules as he has been unfairly tried already.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Some years ago I received an invitation from the Lord Chancellor’s office to become a Justice, ( JP ). It came out of the blue, but was probably due to my successful work as a Shop Steward ! I refused due to my self analysis not being at one with that possition ! I am beginning to regret my decision, due to Law being turned on its head, and with obvious State involvement where the State has no business to be. Tommy Robinson has by his actions, become high profile and it is that, rather than anything illegal that has opened the door to activate a pending legal action. If I had been the Justice, I would have thrown the matter out, expecting all hell to break over my head, but I would be assured of media attention with the light on to State involvement within our legal system. The job of a Justice is to bring Law onto a matter, but with intelligence !

  4. Margaret Dennis says:

    Most of the time I am glad I no longer live in London but, to be able to get easily to 10 Downing Street and to protest on behalf of Tommy Robinson, I really wish I had been there.
    We have to get this information out there and our Police/Justice system needs an overhaul immediately.

  5. will this help to get him out

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