BREAKING: Lord Pearson Writes To Home Secretary Threatening Prosecution If Tommy Harmed

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  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Good for Lord Pearson. If there were more like him in the Lords, we wouldn’t need to get rid of it. What is happening to Tommy Robinson amounts to persecution and Lord Pearson may well have saved his life by giving fair warning to the muslim Home Secretary about Tommy’s safety. It’s a pity the man who committed the heinous crime of putting bacon rashers on a mosque doorstep a few years ago and was sent to prison by an islamophile judge for a long time didn’t know a Lord. He was soon dead in a prison infested with muslims. The judge hasn’t been charged with manslaughter as far as I know.

  2. Mal wiles says:

    Sack may she is going to loose so many votes

  3. Kevan says:

    It’s about time the Government be held to question why the Muslims are being protected at any cost maybe the Barcelona Mediteranean treaty may hold the Answers

    • Miss Bridgit. says:

      I suspect it is all to do with the continuing formation of a European Super State. This has beEn in the planning for decades even before WW2

    • Ian Hensman says:

      Surely we can turn our backs on the Barcelona treaty when it affects the wellbeing of the nation. One Question I have. Did Britain actually sign it or is it just rumour.

  4. Kevan says:

    It’s about time our Government were hold to answer why they are protecting the Muslims at all costs maybe the Barcelona Mediteranean treaty has the answers

    • That’s exactly it. There is the Kalegri Plan and the Barcelona agreement of 1995. Both protect Muslims and the plan is to get rid of the indigenous population and replace it with Islam. We the citizens of UK and Europe need to wake up and fight back. Hungary, poland have the right idea; don’t let anymore refugees in. The existing Islamists need to be deported asap.

  5. Mariana Robinson says:

    That’s great news that Lord Pearson thinks like the rest of us.
    Well done Gerard Batten for going to the rally yesterday following the awful events outside Leeds Crown Court. Despite the news blackout imposed by the judiciary, this story has gone worldwide now.

  6. This is very good news. What country are we living in when a man can be arrested for protesting

  7. Thank you Lord Pearson. It is good to know he has your support along with thousands of British people.

  8. Dale says:

    We all have no other party to vote for only UKIP stands for our own

    • Lynn Martin says:

      The ‘For Britain’ party is the one to keep your eyes on. They stand for the Britain we were before all this immigration and PC brigade nonsense with their cant say this and can’t say that, there is no longer ANY freedom of speech! We are being taken over and everyone is too terrified to say anything about a certain so called religion and, the word ‘racist’ has become all powerful, how? it is merely a word yet it seems to be greatly feared! Why? ‘For Britain’ will definitely have my vote. 🇬🇧

  9. Marilyn Catling says:

    Well done Lord Pearson. The way that Tommy has been and still is being persecuted for telling those that want to listen the truth about Islam is testament to the fear that our government has over speaking or listening to the truth. The sheer cowardice of the Prime Minister casts a very large shadow over the whole of the Conservative party. It will end up with anarchy on the streets of every city if she rennages on her speeches to get us out of the EU and start restricting immigration numbers. Tommy is a very brave individual, who has seen his own town destroyed by immigration. He has every right to question the politicians and ask for answers or debates, instead, they black out his and hundreds of thousands other views of the people.

    In all my 65 years, I have NEVER seen anything like the witch hunt going on against innocent people trying to speak about what is concerning them.

  10. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Tommy’s arrest and imprisonment is bringing out the best in some people. Many thanks to Lord Pearson for holding the Home Sec to account before the law. The only way possibly outside an election. Pity the law is soooooo badly served these days.

  11. Fe Godfrey says:

    This is a warning sign for everybody that the worst thing is possible to happen in the future if British Born and Bred in UK will not stand up for Tommy Robins.
    Thanks, it’s only my opinion through my observations in the government system now a days.
    God bless you all always abundantly !!!!!

  12. Steve Harvey says:

    May and all her little minions are paid for by their Saudi paymasters. Criticism of Islam will not be tolerated by them, so anyone who has the absolute balls to say anything negative in regards to Islam will be silenced. Unfortunately for the robot police and judicial, they picked the wrong person in Tommy Robinson to try and silence. I’ve never seen so many positive reactions of support from around the world as I have done the last couple of days. The media and government will try their hardest to cover up anything in relation to exposing grooming gangs and the people who rum them – i.e. Muslims. People are not stupid despite what the government would have us believe and will pay for it at the election box. We as patriots should put aside any differences we have with each and join together to bring this country back from the edge.

  13. Steve says:

    I served my country I gave my blood I killed the enemy I for a long time gave my sanity . I will leave my sick bed and give my life to help that man regain his liberty and end this madness RISE UP AND FIGHT

  14. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is wonderful news, of a Lord thinking the same way as the people ! Lord Pearson being at one with us, and being of UKIP, is responsible for an amount of pride, in my UKIP membership. Many Thanks to you Sir ! Should the worst happen, the idea of the Home Secretary being taken to Court is excellent, and I would suggest that the ‘Justice’ that handed out Tommy Robinson’s sentence is treated in a similar way. Then on top of all of this, a top enquiry should be made as to the inroad into Courts, by Government, which is completely out of order, and must be kept separate. because if it isn’t, none of us are safe ! This Nation used to be critical of other Nation’s legal systems. Well they can’t do that now, can they ?

  15. Michael Stead says:

    It is the same nogw with Social media say anything about muslim grooming gangs you are banned especialy face book, not a mention on any news station about this so we now know the press is either controlled by The government or the EU and my bet is it is controled by the EU

  16. David Tye says:

    Better replace the home secretary with a non Muslim or there will soon be sharia law in the UK

  17. In my view Lord Pearson is the ONLY Peer ‘WORTHY’ of his place in the Lords chamber.
    Hopefully, Warsi and her type, now know who “the likes of TOMMY ROBINSON” IS!! (see the Lord Pearson/Tommy Robinson Westminster interview. Youtube. A real eye opener)!
    With regard to the possibility of a PRIVATE PROSECUTION , should such an action be required, then I for one, will happily make a financial contribution, as I am sure millions more right thinking people will do, to fund that end !

  18. What a miserable Prime Minister is this soggy asymmetric piece of lettuce…

    She should be showing leadership – especially now – providing guidance and hope, reassurance that there is a plan.

    Instead, this mental midget (“net immigration down to the tens of thousands”) cowers in the shadows.

    Due to her we may end up with the gibbering loons of Labour in Number Ten.

  19. Since Lord Pearson has the Sajid Javid side covered, I don’t see anything stopping any of you writing to:

    Governor Rick Stuart, HM Prison Hull, Hedon Rd, Hull HU9 5LS

    warning him that, should anything untoward befall prisoner A2084CG Stephen Lennon while in his custody, Mr Stuart would be prudent to assume he may face, in addition to a wave of public sentiment which will shake the foundations of the country, a private prosecution.

    I am sure he is a person possessed of utmost integrity and will do everything possible to keep TR safe.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Thanks for the details Freddy, and I will be sending my letter to the Governor at Hull within the next few days. ( I do my correspondence generally by email, and have just found my printer needs my Son’s mysterious corrective attention ) !

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