WATCH: Sikh Awareness Society Asked To Leave Leeds Trial

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  1. Quite…

    BTW, with reference to the photo shown, probably taken in a gurdwara (Sikh temple) with their holy book (Guru Granth Saheb) visible on the right, the gent on the left does not have any weapon in his hand but a sort of feather duster. It’s traditional to waft it around near the holy book, keeping it clean, free from insects, etc.

  2. I’ve found a photo of the gent protesting outside (I think) another Leeds court on May 5 2017, before the case was referred to the Crown Court.

    There, it looks rather linke he is carrying a kirpan:

    In recent years, I have read of many speeches by Sikh religious or secular leaders openly decrying the cover-up of a rape epidemic carried out by “”Asians”” (sic). For example, see Lord Singh here:
    Some of the victims of the gang rapists were Sikh girls, but that is not the motivator – it is the injustice and misplaced “political correctness” that allowed the vile perps to get away with so much for so long.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      This piece from Darrell, and your comments Freddy, add up to one thing that is so plain to see. Sikhs, with their beliefs and way of life are welcome in UK/GB due to being peaceful and respectful to this host Nation. – Totally different, colourful and welcome, with some excellent business folk !
      Match that against Islamists ! Many are in business and lead a good and peaceful life with us, but if the wrong ones are allowed to flout our common law, and are assisted in doing so by Police and Government, there will almost certainly be action, outside of law, that we will all be ashamed of. If ever it was necessary for decent Muslims to cooperate with our law enforcement, it is now. Islam is built upon fear, so I guess no action will happen !

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