ITALIAN COUP: Rees-Mogg Says Fresh Elections ‘Bigger Challenge Than Brexit’

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3 Responses

  1. Robert Bryant says:

    When are we going to hear a comment from JRM about the grooming and raping on an industrial scale by Muslim immigrants, and the police state arrest, trial and sentencing of Tommy Robinson.
    But JRM is a loyal Tory and he will still be a good Tory boy and support May’s criminal actions betraying our country.

    • M GREGSON says:

      He does need to comment on these scandals. His views on them are implicit in his support for and prolonged battle for BREXIT. You are hardly doing the cause any good by trying to undermine one of its key supporters.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Over many years I have got to know people in Grosseto, and visited Rome and Venice for great holidays. In many minds the Italians are remembered from WW2 in North Africa, on their way to POW camps. The people brought about the end of Mussolini, and their part in the Axis forces. This is all history now and the Italians of today hark back to ‘The Glory that was Rome !’ ….. With this ancient pride, they are not happy to hear a German, EU idiot telling all who listen that the people of Italy ‘Will make the right choice when they vote.’ ( The EU’s choice ! ). Many will turn over the financial aspects, but others will vote from a thorough dislike of German attitude ! If the economy is rebalanced, they have the industry and the ability to feed themselves, so as far as the EU is concerned, it’s been interesting, but now who needs the EU ?

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