‘I Just Wish Rapists Saw Justice As Fast As Tommy Robinson’: Maajid Nawaz BLASTS Government’s Failures To Tackle Rape Gangs

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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16 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    This is precisely the situation here. The police and the government have been too scared to actually root out the Muslim Pakistani rape gangs, especially following the Macpherson Report which described the Met as being ‘institutionally racist’. They aren’t actually. The reason that so many youths from ethnic minorities have been stopped and searched in London is precisely that so many are involved in crime of one sort or another. The vast majority of stabbings and shootings in London that we’ve heard about recently are black on black, Asian on Asian, or black on Asian. The vast majority of street crimes in London, especially muggings, are carried out by black youths. All this information the police and the government have known about for years, this is why the police were forbidden to analyse publicly the ethnicity of the perpetrators of various sorts of crime.

    Yes, let’s get all this out in the open and stop playing this politically-correct game of denying who is responsible for the grooming, rape and murder of young British white girls in cities across our country. If the perpetrators aren’t already British citizens they need to be immediately deported. Where the government or other authorities fail to recognise or act on what is plain for everyone to see, then eventually the indigenous population is bound to take the law into its own hands at some stage. When people feel that they’re being ignored or their genuine concerns brushed aside, then there’s a build-up of anger and one day the dam will burst.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    So all the ‘good’ people SHOULD have done something about it, while the horrible ‘populists’ seized on the crimes of racist muslim paedophiles in order to stir up hatred against them? Go to hell, Nawaz. ‘WE’, the ordinary British people, weren’t all silent, knowing it was all going on, mate. We couldn’t even imagine something so rotten occurring until the BNP warned about it years ago and were demonised for their truth-telling and taken to court on some trumped-up charge. When the jury rightly found them not guilty, Gordon Brown declared that he would find some way to shut the BNP up. Since then, the State has managed to shut people up really effectively, witness Britain First and Tommy Robinson. The shutting up consists of locking people up and banning them from communicating. Totalitarian tactics par excellence.
    Sure, the cowardly government finally had no choice but to put a small proportion of the muslim rapists on trial, but if any Brit draws attention to these trials, THEY’RE the offenders, not the rotten muslim communities who knew all along what was going on and are still threatening the victims and their families. There’s a stench of rottenness and corruption hanging over this country and it’s making me gag.

  3. When you read the Lancaster Plan you will know why all this injustice is happening.

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    I don’t disagree with either J L Kay or Pamela Preedy they both hit their nails squarely on the head but there are so many nails to be struck it fills me with a desire to rant. I definitely believe the British Government have held pure racial hatred towards the English and have shut down the English voice for decades and promoted migrant voices as the new future ‘look’ for this country. This is ethnocide. I can’t go as far as Genocide as they do not directly murder us – though the end will be the same – a murdered nation. I now detest the constant miscegenated adverts showing that the new normal family (or any group of people) is a fully mixed race one. The fact that so many people I know think multiculturalism is great and normal now disgusts me, such has been the brainwashing of our people by the state and it’s agencies. The number of people ‘awake’ to what is and has been done to them is tiny. I also do not trust Nawaz somehow. He sounds alright, like a lawyer, but Islam permits political lying, even if it appears critical of Islam, so long as it furthers Islam in the long run, which his comments will, as he sounds so accommodating and moderate. Yet it’s easy for a non white person and criticise the government or talk about race issues, and be listened to; as soon as a white person does this they are an ‘extremist’ and are hounded and placed in jail. This cultural rape by muslims is normal for their culture and has been carried out for 1,400 years. It won’t stop. This was known by the Government a century or more ago when Britain was involved with Empire in Islamic countries (any most probably during the crusades as well), they knew what was going to happen, and they have wilfully ensured that Islam gains the upper hand in Britain, which it has. Why the British Government should work this kind of treachery on it’s own people is something I cannot fathom. Apart from the excuse of the concentration camp guards used in 1945 (somebody had to do it, it’s just a job), I cannot fathom why our civil service and government agencies have all got behind this physical and cultural ethnocide too. How much are they being paid to do this? The problems of Rotherham and those other unfortunate towns is just the tip of the iceberg showing above the waterline. And it’s not just in the UK, look at the Netherlands, France, Sweden; recently Germany, Greece, Italy are being swamped by third world backward cultures fed in to their societies in the name or morality – so our government is colluding with other governments in the whole process. When this thing is ‘over’ I believe hanging will be too generous for the perpetrators and maybe there’s a little bit of ‘a la francaise’ in me because I now genuinely think it should also include our monarch who has ignored her coronation oath and presided over this whole affair for her entire career, err, as if this situation has been, and still is, smiley and ‘normal’. Does she not realise that the rest of the world outside of ‘The West’ thinks we are totally bonkers to suicide ourselves in this way? And here’s another rub: ‘we’ – why do we keep using it? We have not suicided ourselves and it’s not suicide, it’s our nation’s murder. It’s ‘They’ the Government that the Monarch leads. It’s a constitution Monarchy we live in not a democracy. ‘They’ have done it to us. Nawaz cleverly says ‘we’ should this ‘we’ should that fully knowing his own society are excluded from the ‘we’ (they are just carrying out their supremacist Gods’ wishes) and sounding as if ‘we’ could might have included Government agencies involved (who are driving this agenda through from the centre), and the white ‘we’, who have been alerting said authorities for decades but who are ignored or worse (as correctly pointed out by Pamela), so that just leaves Nawaz in shock jock mode. And where was the non white non muslim voice in this? Silent. What does that tell you? We whites won’t find allies from that quarter, they are implants too. Any royal commission invoked will take years and whitewash the whole affair, none of the white 5th column will be punished because it’s been planned. If a Cromwell figure does not lead a revolution against our government and bring it down soon the one that will occur will be an Islamic one, they will have the Kalashnikovs in their hands, the whites (and all non muslims) will be told by the government not to use guns or defend ourselves in any way so as to avoid confrontation. Please can anyone prove me wrong? I genuinely do not want to be saying what I’m saying.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Ian, I agree with every word you write. We are bombarded with TV ads and TV programmes showing the ‘ideal’ mixed race family. It may be argued that this is for commercial reasons, so they’re incuding all ethnic groups in one fell swoop; or, more likely, they don’t want to be accused of ‘racism’ by depicting only ‘hideously white’ people in a nation still populated by a majority of ‘hideously white’ folk. The latter excuse would be bad enough, but I think it’s more sinister than that. The UN has a ‘Population Replacement’ plan that aims to phase out whites by producing ‘coffee-coloured people by the score’ as the old ‘mixing bowl’ pop song urged in the 1970s. Wonder who wrote that, under whose aegis?

      The UN decided after WW2 that white Europe was a bit of a nuisance, always starting wars you know, so the first step was to destroy nations under the jackboot of the EU. Second, flood Europe with 3rd world immigrants. Third, and concurrently, encourage the resurgence of islam which could be of corporate use in controlling all the coffee-coloured cheap labour with no national roots or loyalties. All this was informed by the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan which stated that only mixed-race people were good and whites were bad. C-K himself is revered by the EU which gives out C-K medals to those who progress his ideals, such as Angela Merkel. C-K was half German, half Japanese which might explain a lot. You can read about this racist nutjob on Wikipaedia.
      Btw, no one should trust anything Maajid Nawaz says: he is a shia muslim with an axe to grind against sunnis and floats about dressed as an imam. The only muslims I’m prepared to listen to are ex-muslims, apostates who have risked life and limb to leave the accursed cult into which they were born.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    REECE, Thanks for your thoughts in this piece, but one question emerges from it ! At a General Election, we suffer the yar-boo nonsense of one party to the others, which for me only makes me wish that I did not have to vote for any of them. Some quote from their manifesto lie sheets, and so on, – – it is all so predictable and boring ! ….. But not one MP seeking my vote, or one party, ever tells me that they are SCARED of being called RACIST, or any other unwanted descriptive. – If one did, then they would be off my list of choice ! I wish to vote for a sensible party and local representative, that carries the banner clearly of HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN ! ….. UKIP please take note !

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Further to my recent comments, why is the British government not doing more to reign in the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs who infest many of our towns and cities? The fact that they are still able to continue committing their crimes via kebab shops and taxi firms is an insult to the white, British indigenous population. I am not racist or anti-Muslim, as there are many hard-working and law-abiding Muslim Pakistani individuals in the UK. However the fact that the gang rapists and groomers of young white British girls come almost exclusively from this particular ethnic community must say something negative about the way they are brought up and the cultural norms of that particular section of the population.In addition to which there is a culture of silence when the police try to gather evidence or ask for witnesses. This is similar to the culture of ‘omerta’ which surrounds the Italian Mafia. People are afraid to speak out because they fear reprisals and behaviour imported wholesale from the Indian sub-continent. So much for adopting British norms of behaviour and trying to integrate!!!

  7. Janice North says:

    I have tried to have this conversation with young white English people at work who are busy attacking Tommy Robinson. They say he breached the peace. So I said but so what? He is a patriot asking why these young girls were allowed to be abused for so long and I quoted you and Nawaz by saying why was Tommy arrested so quickly yet they operate for 20 or 30 years in some cases. All they could say was there was a white paedophile on trial somewhere else why didnt Tommy go up there? My reply that a one off is not the same as cultural and racist full scale abuse for many years – and they really could not understand what I was saying. Sometimes I do feel that we are bashing our heads against a brick wall….

    • Lee Butler says:

      I get this thrown at me constantly. My answer to them is there is never anywhere to park because of the BBC, SKY, CHANNEL 4, buses along with hundreds of journalists sticking their cameras and microphones in the faces of the accused.

  8. Lee Butler says:

    Naz is 100% correct, however it is far easier for a British Pakistani Muslim in the media to come out and say this publicly. Maybe this is exactly what the elites and the establishment want. Then they can use people like Naz as their reference if questioned. They are creating puppets and using them as their voice. I have just herd Nigel Farage take on the Robinson saga. His first words were ”For self publicity and not to benefit anything that will help society” Like okay Nigel he dropped his kids of at school and said to them ”see you in 13 months have a nice year in class”. Farage did not mention the grooming gangs once in his moment of comment. Why? because we have been duped, the man is a FAKE. Bought out FAKE. He has played the game to perfection.

  9. Margaret Dennis says:

    The next time you hear anyone being called far-right just tell them, “No, we are rightminded”

  10. J.L.Kay says:

    Sorry, most of the British people who are described as Far-Right, Fascists, Nazis etc are ordinary working class and middle class people from ordinary backgrounds who do ordinary jobs. We are not all tattooed skinheads or knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, although the Guardian and the BBC would like to present us as such. The MSM have been taken over by the loony liberal Lefties, so we have to fight back in every way possible.

  11. J.L.Kay says:

    Re. Ian Edwards’ comment, I agree with most of what you say. What you are describing is the murder of a culture, the traditional white, indigenous, British culture, of which I am proud to be a member. I am not a white supremacist but the tolerant, forgiving nature of most of the indigenous white, Christian population of this country has been taken advantage of over the last fifty years by the Left-wing so-called ‘Liberal elite’, who for some reason hate their own country and history. Perhaps this is because none of the so-called Socialists leaders or their lemming followers have actually done anything over the years to actually advance this country in any way. All they can do is to parrot the half-baked political theories of Karl Marx, a German Jew. Tell me where socialism in any meaningful form has worked anywhere in the world? I hear a stunned silence.

    The truth is that this country was made great by empire builders, soldiers and sailors i.e. Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Clive of India, Cecil Rhodes, the First Duke of Marlborough, Nelson, Wellington etc etc. The Lefties hate to admit this, basically because they are jealous of the upper and middle classes, with public school backgrounds, who served overseas in the diplomatic service and the military and led this country to have the biggest empire the world has ever known. And no, I don’t feel guilty about what happened two or three hundred years ago, with missionaries, colonialists and explorers.

    You’ll notice that what characterises most socialists is envy and sarcasm. Oh and a lack of a sense of humour. What a grim philosophy to follow. And for all the anti-capitalist demonstrators and ill-informed youths, if it wasn’t for the capitalist society in which we live, they wouldn’t be able to demonstrate anyway. In another sort of society they’d all be locked up or shot. Sod their Yuman Rites!!!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Go on, sock it to ’em J.L.Kay ! One thing is for sure, it took centuries to build a Great Britain, but vermin are trying to pull it all down in short order. I find the ignorance of the vermin the most worrying thing. In the building of Empire, mistakes were made such as The Slave Trade, but it has to be followed up with the fact that this Nation ended that trade. – This Nation did not just back off from the trade, but sent our Navy out to bring it to a holt ! The Navy was most assiduous to that task, which brought about the war of 1812 with the USA. Peace was by negotiation, which was just as well as our war with Napoleon ended, and the full force of our Army and Navy would then have been available to use !

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