OPINION: One Law For All?

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4 Responses

  1. Chris Dark says:

    So, those who don’t want to get married but live together still demand all the same rights as those who do marry. Strikes me as little more than bitterness. Make a commitment, get married; what are you afraid of? Or is it a case of cake and eat it?

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    The papers really are the reptiles as depicted on Spitting Images: Leftard lickspittles and toadies to the establishment in the broadsheets; eager to report on any trivia or sexual scandal of celebrities in the tabloids, while ignoring threats to our freedom of speech.
    The audio-visual media prefer to trot out the establishmentapproved line about the immigration/multicultural/diversity con and demonise anyone who doesn’t agree with it as born-again nazi bastards.
    liblabcon have ruined our once-proud country, yet still have the nerve to present themselves at every election as the only answer to the problems their stupidity and corruption have created.
    Yes, Patricia, we should boycott the papers, the radio and TV news and the liblabcon candidates in every election. Vote for anyone as long as it isn’t the mainstream parties that have failed, betrayed and stolen our country since the end of WW2. We need real British patriots to govern us and only a massive revolt by voters will achieve it.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    ………. and they will fight you tooth and nail, to stop you getting control Patricia ! When the Queen of the Iceni, Boudica, faced battle with the Roman Army, her men fort from and with their heart, but against a trained Army. Although her forces well outnumbered the Romans, they were cut to pieces and the Romans won the day, even capturing Boudica ! ………. What was true in 60 AD, is true in 2018 ! I can reasonably claim age and infirmity, but what training have the people had ? ………. NO ! There is only one way for this to succeed. IRRESPECTIVE of left or right politics, GET ON BOARD UKIP UNITY FOR THIS NATION, and apart from real Democrats, sweep clean the House of Commons ! UKIP = The Spring Cleaning Party !

  4. Margaret Dennis says:

    Dear Patricia, you have been reading my mind (or my twitter?). The NEC needs you, UKIP needs you and the silent majority need you.
    We will take back control.

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