WATCH: Rees-Mogg Says Theresa May Is ‘Crucial’ To Brexit And Rejects Challenge

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well Darrell, I am sure you know that this is the standard response from an MP that might well have some interest in becoming leader ! If or when the Tory Party make a challenge for a new leader, be sure to ask Moggy, ‘Do you refuse to let your name go forward as a challenger ?’ That will be interesting !

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      I think those who dream of a JRM Premiership are slowly watching that ship sail over the horizon, he may well put his name forward but statements like this will come back to haunt him

  2. John Carins says:

    Jacob’s loyalty to May will prove to be an error of judgement.

  3. Margaret Dennis says:

    Anyone thinking that PM May is able to deliver our vote to Leave in the way we want is deluded. She has proven herself incapable of promoting the UK as strong and stable as she wishes us to be delivered unto the evilness of the EU and NWO.
    She should just walk away now, not a penny more to be paid and repeal that awful European Act of 1972 and any amendments.
    We have to be out before midnight 29th March 2019 or the other members can vote to keep us in. We will not be overruled.
    Take action, take back control.

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