BREAKING: Family Visit For Tommy CANCELLED

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Anyone would think that Tommy Robinson was a terrorist, rather than a Public Order breaker ! Still, we are all taking note of this foolishness from the Courts, the Police, and just maybe a little ‘guidance’ from Government ? – The Home Secretary has been warned by Lord Pearson !

  2. John Francis says:

    I fear that our government has neither the courage nor indeed the will to do the right things.
    Brexit must be achieved.
    A clean, full break from the dying, crumbling EU.
    Freedom of speech must be supported and again facilitated by our government.
    Robinson must be released from prison as a start.
    Illegal immigration into the U.K. must be stopped.
    If our new Home Secterary believes that a hostile environment for illegal immigrants is not right, then he is not the right man for the job.
    These are the issues that matter to people.
    The government must be pursued and bullyed of necessary into taking significant role in the creating a genuinely hostile environment for illegal immigrants.

  3. Vlad Tepes says:

    Kevin Krehan got the death sentence for littering. So don’t put it past them.

  4. Miss Bridgit. says:

    Dear Nigel.
    It was suggested we should write to our lovely queen and ask her to intervene I suggest she has tried that already and she has been given one last warning if she continues to interfere in the Judicial system she too just might find ‘erself in the same cell as this Mr. Robinson person wiv no mobile phone with which to ring ‘er ‘usband.

    Welcome to the UK

  5. Miss Bridgit. says:

    PS …..Who was the skinny copper who was rifling through Mr Robinson’s pockets as he was being arrested and why?

    • Possibly an ex-pickpocket, you think? I imagine the Old Bill only recruits from the dregs today – who in their right mind would serve?

      As to why – to see what was there and perhaps find something on which to base further charges against TR. The “breach of the peace” stuff was of course not going to stand up, even a cretin could see that – but it gave them a chance to seize the video and hold TR in custody.

      It is a reare BiBby who isn’t programmed to squeeze out things which can then be twisted or misrepresented to try to fit someone up and/or to get themselves out of any hole later.

      I read recently that trying to reason with (employing even elementary schoolchild logic or common-sense) with what passes today for a copper (the old sarges are long gone – now it is trailer-trash of low brainpower and lower integrity) is to be likened to TRYING TO SHOW A SMART CARD TRICK TO A DOG.

      The dog may “see” – but is genetically incapable of comprehending. If it gets confused or feels threatened, it is liable to bite, and then one has the added worry of having contracted something.

      As Britain is swiftly becoming a third-rate, third-world country, I suppose it is fitting that it has a police force that is third-rate and third-world too. I have observed the routine distribution of what I would guess are Class A drugs within several hundred yards of a police station local to me. When I walked into the police station to report this, I was told they could no longer accept any reports of crime at police stations… Has to be 999, or 101 (hold on for a hour and then get disconnected) or online (reams of pages, almost all irrelevant, and lacking even the facility to accept video or stills to be uploaded).

      Which is where Tommy’s own sanity comes into question

      Tommy asked the police for advice whether it was OK to film somewhere…

      What a braindead thing to do!

      Wake up, Tommy – they loathe you already, with every one of the (few) neurons they possess. Their heads are full of propaganda from thick lefty teachers determined to brainwash kids (should be charged en masse with child abuse) and guidance from above from the likes of their Common Purpose Chief Cunstables, or, as it is in London, even worse.

      If they gave you “helpful” advice, it was to help you get into prison.

      My biggest reservation about Tommy is that he’s thick. Sorry.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Freddy, I understand your comments, and I am not disagreeing with all of them, however recent news shows that some Police have what it takes in the old fashioned way ! Last Summer I had my French windows open while my Son and I were in a front room watching something on TV. My Son ran upstairs and I heard him shout a challenge. When I arrived upstairs he was ‘enquiring’ why this stranger was in our house. While my Son talked to the guy, I gave a 999 to the Police, and four mins later two Police arrived. The guy was put in cuffs instantly, and the Police extracted a large concealed knife from him. My Son was as white as a sheet, as I thanked the Police for their action, and finding a bag that contained items of mine ! Freddy, it is clear to me that we don’t have the Coppers that I was used to as a youngster, and probably never will again, but until they found the knife, I thought that they acted way over the top with instant cuffs. Just as well that they did, and their speed of reply to my call was outstanding. The Police with Tommy Robinson should hang their heads in shame, as that action covers all in Police Uniform, but as I know full well, they are not all the same, and it would be a dark day if Police were not on hand !

  6. Paul Baker says:

    Why as a people we allow these injustices to continue, today Tommy if they get away with it who is next.

  7. It may be because he’s been got at already, if he has then the whole of Britain need to get out on the streets of London and take back our country, starting with forcibly removing the Soros government!

  8. John Hannon says:

    I’m not part of any organised group, but what has happened to Tommy Robinson is a criminal act and he should be released immediately. The judge said that by Tommy mentioning the names of the ‘accused’, it jeopardised the outcome of the trial. The same names mentioned by Robnson were printed on a notice board outside the courtroom????
    Tommy’s book makes interesting reading

    • Tommy did more than mention their names (and state what they’re charged with). He streamed video of them entering the building with him asking them for comment on verdicts (which hadn’t been delivered). A juror could have observed this when he/she entered the building, and it could have been argued that a fear of intimidation by TR etc. could have led the juror into voting guilty. There lies the potential prejudice and the grounds for claiming a mistrial, with all that this would entail.

      TR *was* reporting – hence the contempt.

      The proportionality of the sentencing (given so many are ignored) and whether the government had a hand in this are fruitful areas for enquiry.

    • Miss Bridgit. says:

      Does anyone know the name of the judge?

  9. WAY, WAY, WAY, Past time that the PEOPLE stood to be counted and put a stop to this and, all the other Travesties of justice that this Government is perpetrating towards the indigenous population of this country!

  10. Miss Bridgit. says:

    If Mr Robinson should get badly injured in prison by the disciples of Allah it would be deliberate, it would be Good Night Irene for social stability in the UK. It is like throwing people who disagree with the insane establishment to the Saracens.

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