TOASTED: Farage Faces Social Media Backlash

United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage reacts after he failed to be elected to the parliamentary seat of Thanet South in Margate, southeast England, on May 8, 2015 during the British general election. Farage announced his resignation as leader of the anti-EU UKIP after he failed to win a seat in Britain's parliament. AFP PHOTO / NIKLAS HALLE'N (Photo credit should read NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images)

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19 Responses

  1. Rick Bourget says:

    We’re on the same side folks. Watch for those that divide and conquer. They have the money to pay for bloggers. Tommy is very compassionate for the good of man kind. As a reporter he was in the eye of the storm while others stayed away. One for Nigel and the judge. 500,000 and counting for the batter at the plate Tommy Robinson.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      To be fair Rick no one made Nigel say these things

      • John Ferguson says:

        To be honest, I’m sure neither Nigel or anybody else with politically astute common sense, gives two hoots about any lost in space backlash from the baying mob on social media. Much of the most outlandish outrage & supposed establishment conspiracy theories I have read, amount to so much ill informed ignorant tosh & drivel conveniently ignoring the specifics of what had previosly taken place. Farage’s judgement & measeured response was exactly right, which is why he led this party & the country to victory in a referendum. The stupidity of those choosing to pick a fight with the judiciary & the courts is self evident as traditionally there can only be one loser. As previously reported in the Guardian in February, the person oncerned tried pulling the same stunt outside Woolwich Crown Court resulting in another prior investigation for possible contempt of court only a couple of months ago on top of the suspended sentence already handed down. He tried it on again outside Leeds Crown Court last week & this time he came unstuck & his luck ran out. He was warned & eventually patience ran out, the judiciary are not going to tolerate him making a mockery of British law, courts & judges. He deliberately went out of his way to thumb his nose at the system, was asking for it & duly got what was coming his way. There is nothing heroic about that & it certainly does not qualify as a case of free Nelson Mandela. Whatever sympathy there might be out there for him & his argument is simply squadered with this churlish behaviour. I am sorry, but after a dispassionate look at the hard facts here, those jumping up & down over it, crying freedom & starting petitions are, in this instance, just making a complete fool of themselves. Nor does cheerleading it on here, as if this was some extraordinary case deserving sympathy, change anything.

        • John Freeman says:

          For years little girls have been raped and hundreds of thousands of immigrants have come into our country. Occasionally over the years some have tried to speak up, softly and carefully always qualifying anything they have said with – I’m not a racist but…… And how much good has that done? Tommy may have made a mistake but did he deserve 13 months in prison for trying to confront the men who have allegedly been doing unspeakable things to young white girls. Too late when they have been sentenced.
          Whatever else he may be, he has more courage than a few thousand of us have shown over decades. I for one would be proud to stand by his side and confront the politicians who have sold us – and especially our children – down the river.

          • John Ferguson says:

            Well, unless you want to appoint vigilantes & abolish law & order, police & the courts down your own street, I would politely suggest if they are in the middle of doing the job, they need to be left in peace to get on with it. What they do not need, is some legally clueless pillock threatening to collapse the whole thing, making a nuisance of himself, grandstanding on the steps outside. I fail to see how maybe causing the baddies to walk free, whilst getting slung in the back of a police van & carted off to jail yourself helps the victims or his cause. So if this is his alternative approach to tackle the problem , how much good has that done ? He already had a current suspended sentence of several months & didn’t get the message, so what do you expect, a reduction in sentence.

            • John Freeman says:

              The police have literally watched little girls be abused for years and even arrested their fathers when they tried to rescue them from a rape gang. Recently an Imam that was found guilty of sexual assault on a child was not imprisoned due his wife not being able to cope as she didn’t speak english. Your law and order has broken down a long time ago. He may be a pillock to you but he’s still a hero to me despite his many faults because he has the courage to stand up to the establishment in spite of threats to his life.

            • Dan says:

              It seems, John that you don’t know much about history or politics and I would suggest that you become a little better at understanding both before you start to sling insults around like “clueless pillock”. Your rant reveals you have enormous faith in the justice system, the police etc the status quo which over the last decades has seen increasing police state measures more lawlessness and less social cohesion and now Islamic terrorism. This whole issue is more than about whether Tommy pushed his luck too far, mate. I’ve seen the videos I don’t need the Guardian to tell me that. (or anything else for that matter).
              This is genuine anger against a whole range of issues related to free speech justice and democracy. The state’s continued persecution of Tommy Robinson and other patriots over the years is well documented and the public are sick of it and resentment is beginning to boil over.
              You credit Farage with being politically astute. Laughable! Keep Up. The astuteness he had is long gone. He wanders all over the show and he nearly destroyed ukip because of it. Gerard Battern on the other hand is very astute. If this’ Free Tommy’ affair was just a bandwagon he would not have had anything to do with it.
              And as to your question about vigilantes patrolling the streets it is a trick question because you immediately link it with abolishing law and order, abolishing the police and courts. That is a non-sequitur. The reason vigilantes will arise is because the public are rapidly losing faith in the police and courts in fact the whole damn establishment.
              And if vigilantes are able to rid their communities of grooming gangs when the police and courts have so abjectly failed then they are likely to be regarded as very worthwhile having. I’m not advocating them of course but everyday that the establishment prevents them from doing their job and uses the them time to harass ordinary people for thought crimes brings the day of vigilantes nearer.
              Tommy Robinson will be seen as a political prisoner by an increasing number of people. No good will come of heavy handed judicial action in the climate that we are now in. Who is going to care what bit of Tommy’s reporting may have actually been contempt? There are much more serious matters afoot.

        • john walsh says:

          lol spoken like true lefty ,making a mockery of British justice :don’t you think the councilors, the social workers the police and the government made a mockery of “British justice with their fear of racism if they prosecuted any kind of case against the 40 year travesty of Muslim grooming and rape gangs ?,don’t you think they “thumbed their nose at the system”?the Muslims didn’t even get a warning much less any action from the authorities !as for free nelson mandala he was a blood thirsty terrorist who ordered the bombing of white schoolchildren s buses the fact that he was magnanimous in victory only serves to show how petrified he was that the country would descend into civic war that does not make him a nice man , and frankly it make you for saying so part of the problem, your other comments are class related s you clearly despise him for his accent and his working class background you are a fool sir, and middle class one at that

          • John Ferguson says:

            Your reading a hell of a lot between the lines & drawing wildly inaccurate conclusions about the nature & reason for my criticism of him. I’ve been called many things out on the streets for my views, but a true lefty has got to be a first, thanks for that ! Nor did I ever chant free Nelson Mandela nor will I for anybody else. Coming from a shovelling shit class background myself, I suppose I could be accused of despising him, if only I’d known he had a posh working class accent. So no, you must be confusing me with somebody else. Yes there is a huge problem that has been allowed to develop & fester. Yes he has the courage to speak out on those issues & make valid arguments, as do you. However, repeatedly acting in a way that could undermine the prosecution & conviction of these people, whilst getting banged up yourself for flouting the law, is just so unnecessary & counterproductive. There was nothing preventing him from choosing his words carefully & making his point anywhere else.

  2. BobHas says:

    Farage lost the plot after referendum day, left to do his lap of honor when any fool could see the job was only half done, as we are seeing now neither The Tories and their spineless leader Theresa May, Or Labour will deliver a Brexit with a clean break from the EU, and he purposely tried to destroy UKIP like a spoilt lead singer of a pop band who leaves and wants the band to break up, consequently we have no other party to hold the Tories feet to the fire, well done Nigel, you snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, Tommy is twice the man you will ever be, he has balls of steel and speaks for more true British people now than you do, go and retire completely, you are doing more harm than good now, go and leave the fight to the big boys.

    • John Ferguson says:

      Yes, like all those other big boys & girls already jailed. Card carrying monopoly board chancers who go directly to jail, do not pass go & do not collect £200 are a fat lot of use to anybody with serious ambitions to successfully achieve changing anything within the system. I’m struggling to remember the last time the majority of the great British public voted for convicted criminals or jailbirds. Unlike many of these individuals calling for revolution, but going nowhere fast, except jail, Farage recognises that.

  3. Rob McWhirter says:

    I’ve served as a juror on a fraud trial, and I’m with Nigel on this one. Tommy didn’t, forvexample, just repeat what was on the BBC website – he also list charges, some of which didn’t apply to all defendents.

    Imagine the furore if the trial had to be rerun, and the witnesses testify again?

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    HOLD FAST EVERYONE ! Nigel Farage made a mistake with a microphone in front of him ! I have held to the fact that Tommy Robinson unfortunately has a past record, and that Achilles heel is being used mercilessly by the Authorities. This is fact, and I think that fact was what was in Nigel’s mind at the time. It has certainly been on my mind, but not for one moment would I backtrack in giving support to Tommy ! Is it usual for a Judge to black out reporting of a trivial offence’s Court hearing ? Is a Public Order Offence now so politically awful that it warrants a News blackout ? The Judge needs to be educated in his job, because it is him that is bring the Court into disrepute !
    So, Nigel needs to learn to engage the brain before the use of the mouth, which I am surprised at as it has not happened before. Tommy needs to build up some cash for on hand legal representation, if he intends to continue against our dodgy Authorities. Our Home Secretary needs to be in touch with the Governor of HM Prison Hull, and be sure that Tommy has no ‘Accident,’ and the dopy Judge in this case needs to attend a school for Judges to get his work up to the mark. Apart from those items, our Nation can continue in its now usual ridiculous and erroneous way ! MAY GOD HELP US ALL, including T.R.

  5. Craig Dovey says:

    None of these people inc “Tommy” were permitted Ukip membership under Nigel Farage.
    Did anyone mind?
    May be the Ukip membership & vote has gone up now they are?
    Or the reverse?
    Those attacking Nigel for his views the same hypocrites crying out for free speech?

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Free speech includes the right to disagree and hold to account. No one has said Nigel has no right to his view however many believe it to be wrong

  6. Pamela Preedy says:

    Nigel alienated followers and admirers last year when he traduced Anne Marie supporters with nasty names during the leadership election. Who was it he favoured? – oh, yes, Henry ‘the Libido Mole’ Bolton who couldn’t even organise his personal life, let alone a political party. Those two gross misjudgements severely dented Farage’s image and authority. And now he’s destroyed it altogether by attacking Tommy Robinson, a man who shows more guts in pointing to the threat of islam and the heinous crimes of muslims than Farage has ever had.
    I hear he is off to Oz on a lucrative speaking tour. Stay away as long as you like, Nigel, we won’t miss you. It’s like watching milk curdle and go sour.

  7. Matthew Goodwin says:

    Nigel should of stayed quiet on this one. It was Wednesday when he spoke out and by that point the news cycle had already moved on. He put his neck out for Lauren Southern and Martin Sneller but to delegitimse the raison-de-etre of your own side is self defeating.

    Me thinks his desire to ‘bring on board’ two-faced, anti-patriot Piers Morgan, which based on social media he met at cricket on the weekend, made him forget about the grassroots.

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