MASS DEMONSTRATIONS: London And Manchester To See Mass ‘Free Tommy’ Protests

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  1. Miss Bridgit. says:

    Can the judge be charged with perverting the course of justice?

  2. Graham Wood says:

    Even more sinister is the actions of the police in arresting a perfectly innocent lady in her own home after a perfectly legitimate complaint to them about the unlawfulness of Moslems occupying public space in Hyde park for prayer, which as she pointed out is against the law.
    Afaik we do not know the lady’s name, whether she has been formally charged (with something – if so what?) and whether she will appear in court.
    We do not even know of her whereabouts. Clearly there is collusion of some kind between senior police and government to stamp down on ANY form of free speech by way of criticism of Islam.

    Here is part of the link: I watched the video of the police arresting the woman in her apartment (again) after getting this email so it is NOT removed from YouTube although that may have happened in England. She asked the PC in the park why they were NOT following the law with respect to the rules of the park. If that is considered a crime now, no one will ever be safe in England again. Obviously, someone who knew this woman gave her name to the police; otherwise, how would they know to come to HER door? (in America we call that “ratting out”)

    If that is true and it has been removed in England, there would seem to still be proper procedures for the legal arrest of someone who is suspected of committing a crime (even according to English law). There are procedures which the police are duty bound to follow and it appears that none of them were followed in this situation, to wit:

    1. The PC did NOT address the individual immediately as being police and immediately tell her who they were and why they were there. (she could have called one of her friends or solicitor right away before opening that door though.) MISTAKE #1

    2. In order to place a person “under arrest” without having probable cause (such as seeing them rob a bank or hit someone with a bat), the police are supposed to have a warrant and present that warrant for arrest to the individual. Such warrant must explain why they are being arrested and for what crime they are accused. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. BIG MISTAKE #2

    3. Unless things are VERY different in England, all people who are being placed “under arrest” must be informed of their rights to remain silent (we call that the “Miranda act” here in the USA. BIG MISTAKE #3

    4. Before physically assaulting the individual being arrested, the police are supposed to address them verbally regarding the circumstances and this DID NOT happen. PC Lamborne did NOT explain the reason for the entry into her home and should have while she was out in the hallway. They just grabbed her as soon as she opened the door. How do I know this? Because the male PC started yelling, “DO NOT RESIST US.” Why would he say that if they hadn’t put their hands on HER first? I did NOT see her attack them.

    It is now clear that there is DEFINITELY something VERY WRONG HERE and rather than people simply sending emails out and complain about it, I would think that there must be at least ONE lawyer in England who would be willing to begin legal action. What kind of legal action?

    I hope that activist meeting in London soon will remember and quote her terrible plight as being also the subject of arbitrary arrest even more bizarre and repugnant than Tommy Robinson’s case.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Clearly, there are too many individuals in the police who enjoy acting like the Stasi and far too few who have the integrity to question what they are being told to do. When we have a proper, decent, sane government in power that has been elected to stop this totalitarian state nonsense, there needs to be a thorough cleaning out of those at every level who enjoyed being Thought Police, along with all those officers who did nothing to stop the sadistic, perverted degradation by muslims of young, white working-class girls over the last few decades. All should lose their pensions and most should serve time in prison for gross dereliction of duty and abuse of their authority.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Let us remember, when the snowball effect happens (i.e. violent demonstrations, civil disobedience and public uprising) that it started with the police and the judiciary acting illegally. Shame on them!

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I always thought that the Police were professional people, who ALWAYS followed due process of Law ! Even allowing for the fact that Police Officers are all individuals, there is no excuse for breaches of due process. Failure in this destroys public perception of the Police !
    This is so worrying to me, as I have always, loudly, been a member of the public that supports the Police. At the other end of the spectrum, the Police handle some of the worst offenders, and put their lives on the line, as we have all witnessed recently !
    Please correct this situation, by following the Law’s of Statute, rather than orders of Authorities who ‘wish’ for Statute to be wider expressed !

  5. Anjela Kewell says:

    There is a video on twitter of a young woman being arrested yesterday while marching in Manchester. Apparently the police decided to arrest because she looked suspicious. The video is actually quite frightening. She is refusing to give her name and address because she said she was doing nothing wrong. The policeman said they had been watching her but did not give her any reason why they arrested her. She is angry but sounds very frightened.

    We are now seeing how so many people have been treated for some time. Videos are being posted and people are beginning to talk about their experiences. I fear there will be a breaking
    Point soon as so many ordinary law abiding citizens are classed as ‘far right’ or extremists will finally lose their patience.

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