WATCH: Thousands March In Manchester Demanding #FreeTommy

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5 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    How was this covered by the MSM? Don’t seem to have seen much about this.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    BRITISH GIRLS ARE BEING RAPED BY MUSLIM GANGS. Our Law Enforcement should act, but by given advice from our spineless Government, THEY DO NOTHING !
    A great many people are angry at this. Out of that crowd TOMMY ROBINSON gathers facts, in order to up-date the crowd for future PROTEST MARCHES against Muslim rapists. ( He is right, but a nuisance to Authorities ) !
    Tommy records on film outside the Courthouse with other interested media, and the Police, acting on orders from + = + = ? remove Tommy to appear in a prepared, waiting Court. ( LAW, no ! INTIMIDATION, yes ! ).
    Since there was no breach of Law by Tommy, the Court acts on a previous suspended sentence, and holds to a Breach of the Peace outside the Courthouse which is inventive, but they are the Authority and they make it stick !
    The AUTHORITIES feel that it is acceptable to damage the reputation of the Police, ( all Police ), by their legally impaired decision, with the outcome that Tommy becomes a V.I.P. to the public, and a victim of the Authorities.
    HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. In 1381 a ‘Peasants Revolt’ took place, People against King. The people were right, but the King’s forces disbanded the crowd, killing many. Today we have Tommy Robinson, who shares a similar character to Wat Tyler ! Government lackeys take the place of the Kings forces now, and unlike the 14th Century, the 21st Century’s action only empowers the people. – WE NEED A UKIP GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY !

  3. Cliff Sellers says:

    Tommy has highlighted the injustices of the families who pleaded for help being turned away to hush up & cover up the repeated abuse of young white girls. The establishment cowed by the violence of the riots in Bradford have repeatedly tried to suppress any media reporting of the issues which has made Tommy a champion of the cause, & rightly so, what the various departments have tried to conceal has angered most of the right-minded population. This government should be thoroughly ashamed, instead of punishing the people exposing the problem they should be tackling the cause of it, but that’s not going to happen is it, the overwhelming support for Tommy Robinson should make them think again.

  4. Shaun says:

    We are coming down the 9th more people than they think in peace we come so are kids don’t have live in fear

  5. John says:

    The judge who sentenced Tommy would appear to also be the complainant, (the person who complained to the police about the actions of Tommy). In most cases the offender would see the original three month suspended sentence linked to n additional three months, not tripled and added to the original. I think the judge has allowed his annoyance to impact on his judgement.

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