FREE SPEECH: Count Dankula ‘Thinking Of Joining UKIP’

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  1. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    This is one of our most important issues second to Brexit in UKIP.
    I also have over several years have had a biased left-wing interfering in my private life, smearing every issue I write about in what I believe rightly is Free speech on the many debates we have for our Party!
    This must be, and I certainly am in a position of knowledge upon this, informed just on Friday that for a third time, the Standards Board at South Gloucestershire have received another two complaints regarding my behavior on that Council I sit at!! So to actually have a Committee of UKIP minded folk monitoring such persecution against our Membership, that is a positive. It is going to get really vindictive and nasty with 296 day’s to leave that corrupt club of busted flushes, with everybody smeared with criminal falsehood!!!
    This bloke sounds like the right sort to join us, so I support that initiative too.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Strange how people battle to find a reason to everything. There are people who do things that have no reason at all. Move along, nothing to see here !

    • Jim Hammond says:

      Nothing to do with the small dog and there is everything to see here. What sort of society are we gong to have (and it’s not far away) where people can be criminalised because some minor offence ( as in don’t like) was taken. I don’t think anyone who you imagine would be offended by this particular episode did in fact complain, but I can’t be certain, probably just some SJW.

      The other important point is that people like Count Dankula if he endorses or joins UKIP, can bring on board (like Tommy Robinson) lots of followers and /or supporters and the message will spread. I hope Count Dankula does join and welcome.

  3. John Ferguson says:

    Another aka, suddenly being hailed as an active campaigner & free speech warrior. Conveniently shooting to prominence following a conviction. This narrative sounds so familiar, it’s becoming boring. He described the video as a joke centred around having an adorable animal react to something vulgar. Basil Brush & Mr Derek were a class act……. this certainly is not.

    • Jim Hammond says:

      You must be very bored, millions of people use aka names on the web, I mean Mark Meechan wouldn’t immediately grab your attention would it, Count Dankula might? It is also not a question of “conveniently shooting to prominence following a conviction”, it is a question of people getting arrested in the first place and jailed for trivialities or speaking out, aka “hate crimes” or any other hallmark of a fascist state, and it’s also nothing to do with the actual joke of the small dog. I personally think it was crass but thank goodness for people like Count Dankula and Tommy Robinson.

      • John Ferguson says:

        Well I’m glad you agree people using aka names might just be out to grab attention. It might therefore be reasonable to conclude that some of them, being the type, might also be seeking to grab attention by getting arrested or coonvicted. As in quote : Since his conviction, he has shot to prominence. I also note you regard the subject matter as trivial & crass. It is one thing, being passionate freedom of speech defenders, It is quite another to hoist this particular individual up as some kind of doggedly campaigning hero warrior. It is particularly worrying, when those setting the mood music on here, choose this example to hold up in defence of freedom of speech, when that message is also diminished at the same time in the eyes of most people, by the utterly puerile nature of this individual’s case for free speech. I doubt campaigning for free speech against this backdrop, is likely to resonate or elicit much serious wider support. On the contrary, it is more likely to reflect on his supporters & backers, making them as laughable & as much of a joke as him & his dog. All this highlights, is atriciously poor judgement in picking which causes to take up & deciding which battles to fight or walk away from. Fine if it is just feel good pressure group, protest movement campaigning people want, but otherwise hopeless as far as politically astute decisions leading to electoral success is concerned.

  4. Steve Bater says:

    It looks as though UKIP is becoming a party of convicted criminals. Their hero worship of these people within UKIP is astonishing. Even the saintly Gerard Batten has fallen in love with them and pledged his undying love. This leads me to wonder whether Saint Batten is fit to be a leader of a political party when he openly pledges support for convicted criminals. It appears that UKIP is being transformed into an offshoot of Britain’s First.

    • Jim Hammond says:

      If it ‘s criminals you are worried about, have a look in the House of Lords. If it’s liars, cheats and general undesir ables, fiddlers, and sex -pests have a look in the Commons. So who exactly are all these convicted criminals in Ukip?

  5. Steve Bater says:

    I agree with you that there probably are plenty of criminals and cheats and the House Of Lords but none of them have any previous convictions unless Lord Archer and Lord Hanningfield are still members. And if they are then they shouldn’t be there. Anyone with a criminal conviction should not be MP’s or MEP’s or members of the House Of Lords. I believe there are two UKIP peers in the House Of Lords as well. Perhaps they are the same. I’m sure that a high amount of MEP’s from all parties are on the fiddle and are cheats. They just haven’t been found out yet. Likewise, no person with numerous criminal convictions should be allowed to join UKIP under any circumstances. If one criminal is allowed to join they will probably bring their criminal friends with them, and any other undesirables will soon infiltrate the party with their own agendas. I believe that’s what happened to the EDL even though it was not a political party. UKIP is supposed to be different and an honest political party and if convicted criminals are allowed to join it will just become an extension of Britain’s First and the party will lose all credibility and will be totally unelectable and then cease to exist. The leader of the party should be distancing himself from all this otherwise he could end up tainted and considered unsuitable for the role and find himself overthrown by the criminal infiltrators that may want to lead and run the party for their own agendas.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    With as much good manners as I can muster, YOU ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT ! Tommy filming outside a Court, clear of the Court’s property. A bloke with a stupid idea for a dog, and broadcasting it to the public. THESE ARE NOT CRIMES ! But the Police and Courts treat them as such, and with the right spin, can make these ‘illegalities’ stick in Court. ….. Muslim Rape Gangs, engaged in wholesale Law breaking, are let pass by the Police and Courts, as Authorities don’t want to be called ‘racist.’ The point you are missing, is that we now have BENT LAW, and that is serious ! They don’t want to be called names ! ! ! – Is this a LAW ENFORCEMENT, OR A GATHERING OF NANCYS ? WHAT THE HELL ARE WE PAYING THEM FOR ? !

    • John Ferguson says:

      Ranting, raving & shouting in a public place, tut,tut. Let me see..ah yes, we already have this covered by a specific criminal offence, prosecuted daily as a breach of peace.

  7. Jim Hammond says:

    Well it’s been fun guys. I’ll leave you John tut-tutting away in boredom along with Steve and no doubt other acceptable types defending Ukip from these hordes of criminal followers of the Count (Tommy isn’t eligible to join at present anyway).

    What I find laughable is the notion that the inclusion of the Count in Ukip membership is jeopardising the pent up mass of people waiting to join Ukip. or the sure fire electoral success coming our way. I think if both groups were to join, neither group would even recognise the existence of the other, but such alliances will come about in some form.

    Mike , I am sorry if by including me as missing the point, you think I am not aware of the deficiencies in modern “policing” but it is difficult or impossible for anyone to be in ignorance. I just don’t know the extent of the rot and whether there are still plenty decent officers just following orders.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Jim, I am sure that there are plenty of decent officers in the Police, and I for one wish to continue with my pro-Police attitude. However my attitude took on a large knock when I saw enforcement used against Tommy. That was not Law, but it was an order from someone, and assiduously obeyed !

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