KHAN’S LONDON: Kurten SLAMS “Grandstanding” Mayor As Horrific Crimewave Grips Capital

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7 Responses

  1. John Francis says:

    Sad Khan is presiding over an increasingly lawless London.
    London, the Capital of England and once, not so long ago, one of the World’s great City’s.
    What does he focus on as London bleeds?
    Making stupid statements inciting other stupid like minded people, to do everything they can to stop the British people achieving the Brexit that they want.
    Meanwhile our new Home Secretary is warning us all of the threat we are facing from “right wing” terrorists.
    Another classic example of using a smokescreen to mask what is really going on in our Country and to deflect attention from the real issues and enemies that we face as a nation.
    People like Javid and Khan are graphic examples of our current crop of politicians who are part of the problem, and not at all likely to solve them.

  2. DICK R says:

    London has become Mogadishu on Thames before our eyes.

  3. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    There is also a major problem with the Press reporting honestly about serious knife crime and violence in London’s Boroughs!
    During the many months this has been occurring, the country have been looking to government for answers. Where nothing has been forthcoming, my Party UKIP have been encouraging an honest debate on what is actually happening, and what measures need to be implemented to tackle this sudden epidemic!!
    I regularly take a part in such commentary, and on this issue I wrote around sixty letters to Newspaper’s on this subject. But those papers mainly owned by the left leaning Trinity Mirror Group, they appear to give free reign in publishing altered missives to imply racism from certain organizations such as UKIP!!!
    Incidentally, this smearing of a genuine attempt to help solve this problem, its a main focal point of the latest round of complaints to the Standard Board in South Gloucestershire where I sit as a Councillor!!!!
    However, the troublemakers have slipped up on doing that. The facts I used which I believe are Disease related, they come from a Medical Reference book published by the nations leading medical specialist’s based at Harley Street in London. So not only am I a racist but so too are Doctors!!!!!
    I hope my observation on a large part of this problem is looked into by my Party UKIP, and if it helps our Candidate used by him in the election also?
    The Disease responsible in the main for what is happening to the youth today, was a previously eradicated illness now returned it appears, and is called Encephalitis Lethargica.
    And I want the world to know that I am and never was a Racist!!!!!

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I simply don’t understand this Labour Mayor of London ! He has the ability to guide money for the benefit of Londoners, and rather than target the money to an urgent requirement of Police numbers for Law and Order in his area of responsibility, he presses on with making cycle ways, which may well be good, but right now are not of an urgent requirement. This is a clear indication of an inability to prioritise ! I can only conclude that this is what we will see if ever the Corbyn Labour Party were put into Government of this Nation. THEY ARE SIMPLY NOT UP TO THE JOB ! Government in waiting, in a pigs arse !

  5. Margaret Dennis says:

    Common sense spoken yet again by UKIP, this man should do well in the by-election.

  6. The people of London have to bear the responsibility of voting this clown in as Mayor .

  7. Deborah June Pitt says:

    David Kurten has shown great promise as a politician and I am sure he will go from strength to strength. He is committed, eloquent, knows his stuff and has a wealth of experience in education and community life. He knows London very well and is persistent in debate. Oh, and he is also a very nice guy!
    Let’s get behind David and get our first UKIP MP!

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