OPINION: A Tale Of Two Judges

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11 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    Our society has been infiltrated by liberal fascists. Here we have a Judge the other day it was the Archbishop of Canterbury. The situation beggars belief. Our nation is being filleted and traditional values discarded.

  2. Naomi says:

    I am delighted that UKIP now has a Family and Children’s Spokesperson so that we as a party can start putting forward some traditional (and conservative with a small c) policies to replace the rot that has come out of the Labour and Conservative anti family Governments of the last 30 years.

    Congratulations to Gerard Batten for having the foresight and imagination to include this vital portfolio in his top table. The time could not be more ripe with the destruction of the family unit coming on us wholesale. The Family is the natural and only effective vehicle to enhance men, protect women and nurture children.

  3. As far as I can tell, the earliest reference to the “people who share a fridge” comes from Michael Farmer, a City financier who had donated £2.3m to the Conservative Party, and in 2010 he is quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying “… Labour’s idea of a family is three people who share a fridge.”

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In the act of Marriage, certain oaths are freely sworn to. I would suggest that legality is brought into this matter; it is to a degree, but I would make it much more certain for both sides of the couple. Go against your promise or oath, and the Law is clear and automatic. Marriage today in many cases is just an excuse for a party, and infidelity is either winked at, or the beginning of a long drawn out legal procedure. Make it more certain and clear cut ! After all, marriage for many couples has not taken place, and some folk seem to be happy with that, but let Law activate upon a Marriage Certificate !

  5. rory thomas says:

    I wonder what Lord Denning late master of the rolls would have made of modern judges?He was famous for amongst other things declaring that “the law is an ass”

  6. Martin says:

    To deal compassionately with family break-up is one thing, to encourage it is criminal.
    When the other parties no longer look at the facts but cow-tow to the PC brigade, UKIP must stand its ground and promote healthy families.
    Most people know instinctively that Mum and Dad are best for children.
    This judge needs to be called out on the damaging nonsense that he is propagating.

  7. Raymond Stewart says:

    good to see this article and to note that the traditional family is being given its rightful place in UKIP

  8. LIsa Nolland says:

    Well said Alan Craig and thank you! This judge is either hopelessly ill informed or, it would seem, morally bad. How anyone in their right mind could utter such sentiments in his privileged role, well, words fail. Well done UKIP!

  9. David Cox says:

    This applies in Britain as well https://youtu.be/20HDmRbYefw Fatherhood is needed by children, the video covers the points well.

  10. Deborah June Pitt says:

    Judge Munby’s statement will please jolly ‘progressives’ but sounds to me more like a death knell for society. The research is on the side of Sir Paul.

  11. Alan Williams says:

    Our judges are drawn from the most well educated in the land. For a top judge to urge celebrating the demise of the natural family reveals a great deal about what many see as the corruption of our education curriculum. And that corruption has come about by our national leaders abandoning the faith which laid the foundations for our previously much admired society, and turning to the novel ideology of political correctness which was designed to destroy it. To get our happier society back we must return to that faith so casually discarded by earlier elites, support natural marriage and reject the social poison of political correctness.

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