Sunderland Is Not Safe! Time For The Politicians To Act!

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  1. J.L.Kay says:

    Thanks for your detailed and considered commentary on what is going on in Sunderland. Northumbria is a lovely part of the country, once you get out in the wilds. Unfortunately what you have talked about is happening all over the country in regard to rapes and assaults from people who belong to the (mainly) Muslim ethnic communities. The present pathetic government is frightened to really clamp down on these scum because of the fear of encouraging individuals from the far Right and not so far Right. The police are frightened to act in the way they would wish for fear of being labelled racist.
    In regard to recent outbreak of stabbings ans shootings in London, the MSM have signally failed to emphasis the fact that 90% or more of these crimes are carried out by black or Asian youths, not the traditional white British working class yobs. What a surprise!

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    The only party leader who is committed to do anything about the issues you raise Christopher, is Anne Marie Waters. You can forget UKIP – all they do is talk about it. The more people that realise this and the sooner we get AMW elected to Parliament, the better. AMW’s For Britain party is expanding exponentially as more and more ordinary folk realise that we are under attack on two mammoth fronts, firstly from those perverted criminals who are foreign to this country and its culture, laws and values. They take advantage of our liberal attitude, our freedoms and our public services – and yet they hate us and everything we stand for. Then it seems we are also under attack from “the enemy within” – those bigoted fools who have created the madness of political correctness, which sadly includes government officials – both parliamentary and local – and even the police, whose job it is to prevent crime and protect the public from crime. How low they have sunk in their dereliction of duty! There must surely be some serving officers who bite their tongues as they perform their “jobs” like poodles. Shame on them and more shame on their bosses. We, the electorate, must show at every opportunity that the present situation is totally unacceptable; and the best way of doing that is to vote for ANNE MARIE WATERS and her FOR BRITAIN PARTY.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Absolutely right, Stanley. I’m going to be delivering leaflets soon to raise awareness of For Britain locally, seeing as the corrupt and cowardly MSM completely ignore Anne Marie; except, of course, for the occasional ignorant and blatantly biased trashing of anyone who speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
      Btw, Vera Baird is a wholly obnoxious woman who used to be Labour MP for Redcar until the electorate were so sick of her snobbish disdain for them that they threw her over for the Lib Dem candidate in 2010. Baird has done nicely for herself ever since by doing nothing for the white working class that Labour was founded to serve. She’s got ‘PC Timeserver and Suck-up’ printed right through her like a stick of rock.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I do hope that voters who don’t give much thought to elections, but just vote for the same Party, will wake up and think for a change. Our Police and Courts have publicly shown how they are prepared to twist our Laws, for the most ridiculous of reasons. One thing I learnt in life, is that not knowing the Law is no defence in Court, but apparently it works if your an Islamic immigrant ! Tommy Robinson’s free speech and anti-Islam stance got him taken to prison, with no breach of the Law ! ….. Rape is wrong universally. ….. Speaking your mind used to be acceptable. ….. Apparently not now ! If the people once say ”Nuts to this !” and vote for UKIP, the change for the better would be so noticeable. ….. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL FOR THIS KIPPER !

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    We live in lawless times when it comes to Islam. Doubly so for Sunderland since, if I have this right, they keep voting for Labour at every election! Labour, who want unlimited diversity, unlimited misery for the white British. Will traditional labour voters never learn their party left the station without them decades ago? Seems not. Then, once the constituency is diverse enough, they have no chance to change their vote anyway because the migrants will hold the balance.

  5. Miss Bridgit. says:

    Deprogramming the electorate might help. The Manchurian Candidate immediately springs to mind

  6. Glenda Kirby says:

    It’s a complete and utter mess,and will take far more than one Parliamentary stint to put right,which is probably why nothing is done.MP’s don’t see beyond instant gratification,and would rather kick the can down the road.It’s been kicked for so long and so far that it is now lost in the long grass,and people who raise the topic are just seen as a damn nuisance.It’s not helped by the fact that when they dish out jobs at No 10 the Home Office is at the bottom of the pile,doubtless community relations occupies the same position in local government, and in policing.The fact that all of those mentioned are now run by graduates who are zoomed into high office with little experience but lots of political zeal and controlled minds holds out little hope.You need to turn the clock back to 1945 and start again.We now see why in the Muslim world the sexes are segregated,and women are covered up in an attempt to disguise them as inanimate objects.It’s because their males are incapable of restraint.

  7. Margaret Dennis says:

    Ignorance of the Law should never be an acceptable form of defence for anyone. This needs addressing.
    Any UKIP lawyers reading this please?

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