LEWISHAM EAST: GI Say ‘Never Labour’ As Campaign Enters Last Weekend

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    I find it interesting that the GI’s are active in the Lewisham East election. Their aims (taken from their website) are :
    – Stop the Islamisation of Europe – Oppose globalisation – Stop and reverse the Great Replacement
    And very good aims too (I wonder if UKIP will ever be bold enough to adopt them?) but why the ‘cut crime’ stand in Lewisham High Street?

    Maybe they are trying to link ‘increased crime’ with ‘tolerance and diversity’ – a good link in my view! (Putting doubt about the government’s double-speak propaganda into the public psyche at election time).

    Yet nor are the GI’s putting up a candidate the election – but here’s who is standing – 14 candidates – and it looks a total mess to me with no unified approach on the Right for which there are five right of centre parties standing in my estimation. How will the Right ever get a candidate over the FPP system when they compete with each other and split the vote this way? It will be very interesting to review the results and lessons learned on 15June:

    ​​Conservative Party
    ​​Labour Party
    Liberal Democrats
    Green Party
    UKIP (KURTEN, David) – RIGHT
    The For Britain Movement (WATERS, Anne Marie) – RIGHT
    ​​Christian Peoples Alliance – RIGHT
    ​​Democrats and Veterans Party (I thought Gerard said the Vets were going to be voting UKIP?) – RIGHT
    ​​Libertarian Party (RIGHT)
    ​​The Radical Party
    ​​Young People`s Party
    ​​​​​Women’s Equality Party
    The Official Monster Raving Loony Party (No fat lady isn’t singing here!) ​
    C E Carey – independent candidate.​​​​

    • Matthew Goodwin says:

      “I wonder if UKIP will ever be bold enough to adopt them”

      The more ‘robust’ you are the greater the level of political suppression.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Lewisham East has a problem with this election, as you, Darrell rightly point out. How does the general UKIP view succeed, when the ideas that we hold to, are being displayed by several other parties ? While this split continues, we have little chance of our Party being held to a victory, and the Labour Party will be the main beneficiary to this. In fact Labour could not do better than this if they employed their own dirty tricks. We have done it for them !

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