OPINION: Our Streets Belong To Us

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10 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Janice, I do understand ! I have lived in the same house for 30 years and more, in the quiet and slightly backward town of Northampton, ( Borough Council wise, who are responsible for killing our Town Centre ! ). Over the last 5 – 6 years immigrants have arrived, which was no problem to me, except that they shout in their own tongue. Either they are deaf, or trying to ensure that we all know that they are the advance guard to a lot more ! In the same time frame we have lost our local Co-Op, due to massive thefts, and violence, once not known to the area, is now common place. Noisy Police helicopters are now regular over the area, which I can’t find any sense to, as Police on the ground are invisible to me ! IT’S ALL GOING DOWN THE TOILET !

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    Those of us who are English or indeed British have a moral duty to bring these things to the notice of the authorities who, in their turn should be seen to make it known to these incomers that their behaviour is unacceptable. If we do not get any satisfaction then we should keep on at the local police And the local authority. There should be facilities available to send such Vagrants back to where they came from if they have no means of support or employment after 6 months living here. They should also be banished from these shores whenever the indulge in criminal or immoral behaviour.

  3. Janice says:

    Yes Mike it is. But we are supposed to pretend it’s all fabulous of course. Our country is ruined.

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    Spot on Janice. Welcome to Sadik Khan’s London. This is the planned future for Europeans. ‘Taking back our streets’ is a moot point today because ‘we’ are not the same people we were even twenty years ago. It’s ‘their’ street now. Courtesy of the elites and ‘us’ happy to vote our cultural heritage away at the polling stations. They say democracy always ends in failure. I think we have the proof of that now. And UKIP are too politically correct themselves in the upper echelons in my view, ‘we are the most inclusive party’. People are turning to other parties for help today.

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    I live in hope of the British rising up and taking control of our streets and if needed ejecting those who oppose us.

  6. Miss Bridgit. says:

    If the UKIP or any NEW political party want to have ANY chance of winning the next election they should stop being coy and pandering to political correctness and having two bob each way. Tell Police Chiefs to stop their officers dancing in the streets like a line of chorus girls and POLICE the effing streets . Cease ALL immigration. We do not need unlimited immigration to this country, it is already grossly over-crowded.

    All foreign aid should be IMMEDIATELY stopped and with the money saved to be used as a handsome incentive to send those people home who wish to leave. A serious roundup and deportation of illegals and heavy penalties imposed for those firms employing Illegals, with bounties offered for those dobbing in employers who do use these people.

    Most importantly there should be IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL from the EU, NO DEALS. HARD/SOFT? NOTHING. There should be no deviation from these aims. Then we get serious about sorting out the mess with all our institutions starting with a clean-out of the National Broadcaster and its political departments and its bias in reporting and an investigation as to what is going on in our schools . That is just for starters. Any new political party promising this in its entirety it will be a shoe-in at the next election. If we don’t do something very quickly this country is in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

    • Ian Hensman says:

      Miss Bridget, You are talking my language. I would add to that and any foreign lawbreakers should automatically be shipped out irrespective of the asylum situation and conditions in their homeland

  7. Naomi says:

    I used to live in leafy suburban south London. When I was a child Sutton grammar school was the top place to be. 50 years on I now live in Salisbury. Where it seems most of the suburban south Londoner now live. A friend of mine who lives in Reigate, Surrey is sending her 17 year old son to Sutton Grammar now and she tells me that 80 %, YES that is 80 % of the young people now studying at Sutton grammar are non european. Is it any wonder that judeo-christian whites are now a minority in their own capital city, Londondistan run by that Pakistani Muslim and pro terrorist Sadiq Khan under that Muslim Home Secretary Sajid Javid. But then remember David Cameron said only a few years back he looks forward to seeing a Muslim Prime Minister and a Muslim Head of the Armed Forces. Thank you Mr Cameron and Mr Blair before you, for what you have done to this once proud, marshel nation once known as Great Britain.

  8. Proper Angry Manc says:

    it wont get better , you need to move

  9. Ian Hensman says:

    We need less love thy neighbour and more thought for our own. Remember to block Sharia and Islam at every opportunity.

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