WATCH: Geert Wilders Tells Free Tommy Demonstration ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’!

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2 Responses

  1. Miss Bridgit. says:


    An Ideology that refuses to acknowledge ANY opinion but their own, often resorting to threats, violence and EVEN imprisonment for those with differing views. Most often associated with Totalitarian rule and/or Communism. As an example Mr Robinson’ case immediately springs to mind.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This Dutch guy, Mr Wilders, was good enough to mention how British forces liberated Holland three quarters of a century ago. It was most gratifying to hear a European, in Thanks for our National action, taken at considerable cost to ourselves. Thank you Mr Wilders !
    Are we British going to accept that all of that was in vane ? Are we accepting of our Law being domestically turned against us ? Are we happy to see a very nasty Belief Group, being backed up by our own Authorities ? Tommy Robinson’s incarceration for the sin of pointing out the facts, is not worthy of this great Nation, and spits in the faces of my parents memory, both of whom spent the war in service with the R.A.F. URGENT CORRECTION NEEDED !

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