OPINION: Blaming Russia Isn’t Working Anymore!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The problem in this Nation now, is that the people don’t know who to believe ! That in itself is bad enough, but when we have ‘political prisoners’ banged up, and freedom of speech under attack, it makes Maggie May not the best person to be P.M. Her blowing hot and cold on Brexit makes her administration the laughing stock of Europe, and Westminster as a whole is not what it once was. That has been taken up by the Police, so that now laws that we thought we understood, have been turned on their head. As for Russia, many of the people are OK, but the Government stinks. Nerve agent did not visit Salisbury on its own, but if Russia wanted to bump off anyone, I don’t see an advantage in such a convoluted method ! PLEASE HELP ME TO LAUGH !

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    A thought occurs. Mr Banks is an international business man, who has funded political campaigns from the profits of his companies. As all Parties are funded by big business, who’s profits come from dealing with many Nations, it is fair to assume that every Party, every campaign, is to a certain extent likely to be funded in part by profitsfrom countries such as China, Nth Korea, Russia, Australia and the USA. Possibly the biggest source of funds is the EU itself, spending money to support the Remain side, and trying to influence MEPswho are standing down to be supportive of the EU or lose their full pension rights. Did Mr Banks accept donations towards the Leave movement, course not, he is not that stupid, and the Russians , while they would like to establish some control here, I think it unlikely. The Russians have a great sense of history, they respect our country and would not damage the links with us. No doubt, they would rather deal with us than the EU, after all, they fought both Napoleon and Hitler alongside us, and they have long memories. Don’t get me wrong, they (Putin)do not agree with our democracy, but in trade they trust us, and they would not work against that good relationship, which is one reason why blaming the Salibury poisening on the Bear does not sit well with me. When we sever the ties with Europe, our trade with Russia will increase, I can see a time when a lot of the trade currently done with the EU and the USA, will be channelled through us as an honest broker. If and it is a big if, Russia sought to influence the Referendum, it would not be done in such an obvious, crude and crass manner as giving cash to a Leave leading light. No, if influence were to be applied it would be on the Remain side, by undermining their arguments from within. They know that their Communist views will never fly here, but they are enough of capitalists to see the opportunities Brexit will provide, and better yet, poke one in the eye of the French and Germans by so doing. Any influence they sought was, without doubt, far less than the speech made by O’Barma extolling the “virtues” of the EU and more or less begging us to stay in. If Mr Banks is guilty of accepting Russian influence, surely Mr Cameron is guilty of a far greater crime by inviting a foriegn Leader to speak to our Nation on, what was, a purely domestic question! Don’t forget the many pages of the pro Remain booklet we got through the post, but excluded from the costs of the campaign. Also when the Referendum was over the only plan was to meekly follow the EU line in it’s entirety, which was full of bad and very bad policies, with not a single thought about the result we got, the only plan to exit being no plan at all, which has, as we have all seen has developed into a total fudge, cobbled together as Brexit in name only. It seems now that the only thing the Remain side can do is to cast slurs on the majority, rewrite history by deleting Cameron’s to Leave means leave the Single Market and Customs Union speech and fudge the whole issue!

  3. John Francis says:

    The smears and counter smears are now reaching pathetic proportions.
    Banks was funded by Russian money during the Brexit campaign.
    Maybe he was maybe he wasn’t.
    Has Soros funded any Remain campaign?
    Who has sponsored the loathsome Gina Miller?
    It is all smoke and mirrors, yet another Remoaner attempt to disrupt the Brexit process.
    Stephen Kinnock wants some sort of enquiry into the Banks|Russia affair with the police involved.
    That fact in itself should indicate to anyone in their right mind that this is a non story and should be totally ignored.

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    Terresa is going to make sure we are tied to the E U permanently, hence all the actions concocted to take peoples thoughts away from leaving… My worry is We will only be freed by armed insurrection.

  5. Miss Bridgit. says:

    It has brought a NEW 21 st century cry *BLAME THE RUSSIANS*. In the Back to the Future movie the cry was *ITS THE LIBYANS* remember? Tomorrow *ITS THE ESKIMOS?*

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