BREXIT D-DAY: Rees-Mogg Urges Calm

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2 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    JRM has made no comment about his beloved leader’s surrender of our fishing grounds to Brussels. He is licenced by CCHQ to con the blue-rinse, Tory voters into thinking that the Tories will do the right thing after all. And they never do, or will.
    JRM is a loyal Tory first and last, he has voted like a good boy for everything Brussels told May to stick in front of him, and he always will.

  2. ogga1 says:

    Still the hollow veiled threat , in “keeping corbyn out” same old interplay that keeps the lab/lib/con coalition ticking over.
    JRM is not playing fair knowing full well it is labs turn in office next.
    The ersatz tory party in the lead is more fodder for fools who continue to support a crap party against another crap party
    for the simple reason of electing …. a party of crap…. again.

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