PARLIAMENTARY REPORT: The Greatest Deception

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  1. Sjacks says:

    Theresa May will either step down from her role today or betray the people. Either outcome is possible as the Europhiles currently control the mainstream parties and are so hostile to the idea of nationhood they are willing to do anything to keep us in the rotten EU communist club.

  2. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    I was always patriotic, but I am dumb struck by those in Parliament and the Palace of Westminster who have ignored the wishes of the majority in 2016!
    The more the windbags debate what was a very simple issue of either Leave EU or Stay, gets more complicated by the day!!
    When WW2 ended, after nearly six years of Trading restrictions, the country just got on with what needed to-be done at that moment, and started talking with trading counterparts once-again. Virtually agreements were mutual and immediate, no red tape or Civil Servant jobs worth making life complicated with form filling nonsense!!!
    If we leave in Twenty-four hours, by day two existing trade will continue without anyone noticing!!!!
    Let’s put more pressure on local MP’s and deadbeats in the Lords, let’s all write to them telling them they resemble dog turds and smell like French wee etc?

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Glenville, thank you for this summary. Welcome as it is, it makes me feel sick to my stomach.
    Numerous events of the last few months have signalled that the end of Britain as we know it is fast approaching, with the end of free speech, the end of a free press, the end of a free nation, the infamous behaviour of the police and the unstoppable march toward Islamisation. Now we have allowed our politicians to consign us in perpetuity as a vassal state, subservient for ever to the poisonous EU. The tragedy is that most of the population have been complicit in all this by their silence or disinterest. That same majority will neither care nor object to anything of what you have so eloquently explained here. So, those parliamentarians who shout loudest will be free to vote for whatever they wish including signing away our self-respect, our national pride and our birthright. Sad times indeed.

  4. John Wright says:

    Have no doubts about this betrayal of we ordinary people! From the moment the results became known, those doom merchant, self interested remainers were shocked into silence! Their lies & misinformation attempting to deter the people failing miserably! For hundreds of years, we ordinary people kept our place, were content to support those we ourselves placed into authority, but now, those we silenced have become aggressive & are determined to destroy the democratic vote of 17.4 million people? The answer is simple. All those with vested interest in the EU, ie, those who’ve enjoyed raking off the EU’s largesse, using £millions of taxpayers money without worthwhile input are naturally desperate to maintain this, using any means possible. What we’ve recently witnessed in the Lords & by rebel MP’s has torn to shreds what little remaining faith we ordinary people had in our Parliamentary system & is a sobering reminder that truthfully, we cannot entirely trust anyone who seeks power! Our whole Government & Parliamentary set-up, Civil Service, Judicial, Administrative & State apparatus has failed we people miserably & are in no way fit for purpose! What this means in reality is, our once wonderful Country is in the hands of traitors & turncoats & people who have neither honour nor respect for the ordinary working Man & Woman. They wish to destroy everything that made Britain great & will continue to pursue this end until they succeed or we fight back with everything at our disposal to destroy them.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    YES ! This is a defining moment in our Nation’s life and history, and I have a dreadful feeling that the Commons will not deliver the will of the people, as set out in the referendum vote ! It is the right, the duty, and as should be the passion to know how your MP has voted ! Thankfully such votes are in the public domain, so we all have the detail. …… May I suggest, in all sincerity, that left or right party politics in elections are abandoned, and that your MP is elected upon your wishes, as an individual voter. I detect some strange forces at work, and even stranger mental dexterity !

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