SCIENCE: The Dark Side of Altruism

Altruism, cults, cult leaders, brainwashing

Grace Conyers

Grace is a soil scientist, researcher, educator, and science communicator. She spends a lot of her day alternating between teaching, dancing in a lab while waiting for chemical reactions, reading, and plotting business adventures. She is the owner and a co-founder of Insanitek Research and Development. Grace can be found on social media on Minds, Google+, and She invites you to meet up with her on any of these platforms.

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Your piece on Altruism, only brings about one confession by me, and that is that if I could, I should get out more and put myself in the way of temptation ! I have never been a follower of fashion at any point in my life, knowing well that it is a way to coax me to spend more upon nonsense, and I am none the worse for it ! Charitable giving ! – There are many charities that I would like to support if I had the money, like help the Donkeys and Save the Elephants etc., but what little I can afford goes to Children’s charities as a priority. My Solicitor told me once, take all necessary time to consider, then decide quickly ! – Such was my membership of UKIP, and so far I have not regretted my decision !

  2. martin macrae says:

    When a subject knows they are being observed, they tend to act differently to when they are not. Altruism and other traits tend to vanish outside the laboratory.

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