“Worried And Nervous”: Tommy Robinson MOVED To 71% Muslim Prison Overnight

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  1. Matthew Goodwin says:

    Raheem says he thinks the number is around 1 in 5.

    “UPDATE: I do not believe “71%” of Tommy’s new fellow inmates are Muslim. It is more like 1 in 5. That is still high and higher than average UK prison population. There’s no need for us to disseminate incorrect figures when the real truth is bad enough.”

  2. IF Tommy Robison was moved to a UK prison with a 71% majority of muslims there in jail there, too…am wondering WHAT HORRID crimes did they do to get in there? I’m assuming its not for stating one’s opinion like Mr. Robinson had done.
    FREE Tommy Robinson NOW!

  3. kaiser says:

    your last warning people

    first they came for tommy

    then they came for ….

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Perhaps the ‘Authorities’ consider that just as Wat Tyler was done away with in the 1381 Peasants Revolt, and following his death, the revolt petered out, Possibly the demise of Tommy Robinson will have the same effect on the people, here in 2018 ! ? !

  5. John Freeman says:

    If Tommy is killed will we all just lie down and accept it as usual, and hope that peaceful protest and writing to our MP will change their attitude to free speech?

    Just wondered if anyone heard if the cause of death of Kevin Crehan (Bacon crime) was released? Just watched the Infowars video about Tommy being moved gaols and Alex Jones stated Crehan was stabbed in prison. Is that true?

  6. nobody says:

    there does seem to be a sizable muzzie population though at nottingham. but still unsure if that’s the one.

    of course lefty idiot site but for reference even if speculation.

    Gartree does have less than 1000 prisoners now. nottingham has about that.

  7. nobody says:

    “The Muslim population of HMP Featherstone in Wolverhampton, HMP Gartree in Leicestershire and HMP Leicester is high.” https://www.politicalite.com/free-tommy/death-sentence-tommy-robinson-moved-midlands-prison-71-muslim-population/

  8. Tommy Robinson says:

    And exactly how does a British prison become 70%-80% Muslim?

  9. Steve Bater says:

    I just can not understand the mass hysteria and hero worshipping over Tommy Robinson. Of course the prison he is in doesn’t have a 71% Muslim population. Where do you people get this rubbish from? There are about 84,000 people in prison at this moment and quite a lot of them are moved around to various prisons at short notice for many reasons. So what’s special about him? It’s as though he is the new Nelson Mandela. He “ has been given the death sentence”. Good grief. Is he going to the gas chamber? The man is a serial offender who has been in prison before and has about 6 or more criminal convictions. He was last in court about 3 months ago and was given a 3 month suspended sentence which he broke. He doesn’t have any respect for the law. All these disciples marching through the streets of London are wasting their time. Do you really think the Home Secretary and the prison governor are going to release him because you lot are demanding it. What right have you got to interfere with the law? You will be having a midnight vigil outside the prison soon or you will storm the prison gates and get him out. Are you going to demand that a statue of him be placed outside Westminster Abbey. Maybe you’ll write to the Pope and demand that he be canonised and he shall be called Saint Thomas of Luton and then he will save the world from death and destruction and we will all go to heaven. Hallelujah!!!

    • Kevin Raddy says:

      What Law? a law that protects rapists and paedophiles but jails decent citizens on technicalities? We are not fooled, Tommy was imprisoned not because he transgressed the law – he was careful to keep within it, but some say because he stood to expose child rape at the highest level including certain members of the judiciary. Now I don’t know if that is true or not, but i find it strange that while Islamic rape gangs can have full representation at a trial Tommy was bundled into a police van, tried and sent to prison in a matter of a few hours, and then wait for it, a ban was placed on reporting any of it. It’s on that day that I realised we now live in a police state so don’t come out with the no respect for the law nonsense, the law is finished, destroyed by the very people charged with upholding it. You mock but the words but ‘who will rid me of this troublesome priest’ is exactly what has happened to Tommy, the state has simply removed a problem, but it’s the worst thing Kahn or Javid could have done because now what we suspected for a very long time has proved to be true, the politicians, the law and the police have sold the British people out.

      • Stanley Cutts says:

        Well said Kevin – don’t take any notice of Steve’s rant. Under these terrible circumstances we’re bound to get a few people who can’t see the wood for the trees. Tommy Robinson is a patriot, a hero and a freedom fighter. I, for one, am proud to call him my fellow countryman!

      • Steve Bater says:

        The Home Office does not have any jurisdiction over prisons so Sajid Javid could not have ordered Robinson’s move. Prison’s come under the Ministy of Justice. You mention that Kahn could have could have a hand in this. He is the London Mayor. He has nothing to do with the prisons and prisoners.

    • Mike says:

      You are one thick cunt!

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Midnight vigil outside the prison? Storm the prison gates and get him out? These are really good suggestions, Steve Baker – thanks. A statue of Tommy at Westminster would be a good idea, better than statues of treacherous mainstream politicians who have sold this country for a mess of pottage.
      Clearly, you’ve never heard of Kevin Crehan who was sent to prison by an islamophile creep judge for the heinous crime of putting bacon rashers on the steps of a mosque. This appalling judge actually sentenced Crehan to death because the muslim criminal inmates probably stabbed him to death. I say ‘probably’ because the result of an inquiry has still not been published nearly two years after the murder, so in the face of silence and cover-up, we are entitled to assume the worse.
      Your remarks are ridiculous and naively ignore the implications of what has happened: an arrest, kangaroo court, excessive punishment and media clampdown that all signal we are now living in a Police State with a corrupt judiciary and repressive government that targets inconvenient dissidents in a style worthy of Russia. And this government has the bloody nerve to criticise Putin even though they have learned a few tricks from him!

      Carry on obeying the ‘law’, Steve, I’m sure it has only your best interests at heart, especially if you keep your head down, see nothing and say nowt.

  10. Carly says:

    Your comment reflects much ignorance of the situation best left to yourself, you are talking complete twaddle!

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      To whom do you address these remarks, Carly? If it’s Steve Bater (not Baker as I misspelled it) I agree with you entirely. But it is advisable to be clear about whom you are addressing in response to a series of posts expressing varied opinions.

  11. Steve Bater says:

    What part of the law do you not understand? Robinson is a prolific law breaker. He was given a 3 month suspended sentence. Do you understand what that means? Obviously not. He broke the law and now he’s paying for it. He knows the law very well, he’s been in front of it numerous. He knew what he was doing and probably thought he would get away with it, probably like the previous times. Only he keeps getting caught. Do you also not understand that he pleaded GUILTY. Why would he do that if he thought he was innocent? He would have pleaded not guilty and he would have been bailed and now he would be out trying to clear his name. You lot seem blind to the law. It seems most of you are quite happy to break the law. Out of the 84,000 people in prison because they have broken the law what makes this man so special? Why should he be released immediately? Should the other 84,000 people be released immediately? You have all been brainwashed. He’s a hero? Was he a hero when he committed mortgage fraud? Should he have been let free? Have you wondered why he has so many aliases? Because he’s a criminal and he hoped he wouldn’t get found out. How many aliases do you all have? Yes, I will continue to obey the law. I have no wish to have a criminal record. How about all of you?

    • Ade says:

      Grooming gangs were prolific offenders too, but for years, decades even,
      the establishment, Govt police and courts did nothing.
      But when someone exposes what’s going on, like Nick Griffin or Tommy, suddenly the law comes in to play to
      silence them.


    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Steve, I’m afraid that it’s you, my friend, who doesn’t understand.

      You mention Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for 27 years for “breaking the law”, but he rose to be South Africa’s Premier after he was released. Golda Meyer was also condemned as a terrorist but, likewise, she rose to become Prime Minister of Israel. It’s all relative Steve, and yes, Mr. Bumble was right, sometimes the law IS an ass.

      Quite simply, Tommy was stitched up by the judge to stop him embarrassing the establishment, and worse, the same establishment has now effectively given him a death sentence by transferring him to a prison that is full of dangerous Muslims who are threatening to take his life at the first opportunity. You’re right about one thing though – Tommy is no fool. He knew what they were doing to him and he knew why. That’s why he pleaded guilty – as a personal exercise in damage limitation, nothing more .

      When you watch the video reports of Tommy’s “crime” and study the timeline of events, you will reach the same conclusion as the vast majority, including all the other posts on this forum. If you insist on citing the law here, how about “RES IPSA LOQUITUR” ?

  12. Carly says:

    Steve Bater : You should find out the facts before spouting such embellished ignorance! Is that a fake page you hide behind!

  13. Pamela Preedy says:

    Bater, that crap about ‘mortgage fraud’ (a loan to his brother)and other charges that the so-called law of this land conspired to bring in an attempt to shut Tommy down: if you bothered to learn the facts instead of believing the mush put out by the establishment and MSM, your opinion might be worthy of respect.
    Tommy himself makes no bones about admitting that he was a wild Luton lad in his teens and early twenties; he writes about it in his book ‘Enemy of the State’. But during a spell in prison he studied the whole of the koran and realised what the cause of the problems in Luton and the country as a whole are – islam. Since drawing everyone’s attention to the islamisation of our country, he has been targeted by the state as a dissident from the blatant establishment LIE ‘muslim values are British values’. The police harass him and offer no protection when the lives of his family are threatened. The government islamophiles who would do anything to avoid upsetting muslims, including throwing our own people to the wolves, do their best to blacken his name, shut him up, lock him up and are no doubt hoping that muslim criminals silence him for good.

    You are very easily taken in by the lies and cover-ups of the authorities, aren’t you – the same authorities who have allowed the mass rapes and degradation of thousands of young white girls – yet more sacrifices on the altar of PC islamophilia through craven stupidity. No one can accuse Tommy of cowardice or stupidity. In fact, he is a courageous, loyal hero in an age of rank cowardice and betrayal by successive governments.

  14. Steve Bater says:

    There is no question at all that child rapists of all denominations should be sent to prison for at least 30 years. There is no doubt about that . Child rapists and grooming gangs do tend to be Muslims. No question about that either. It is wrong that some of these people get released with no sentence passed. That is not in question. The Muslim population is rising and they are taking over large parts of the country. That is not in question and should not be happening. The immigration problem is rising. No question about that. But that is the fault of the Government and the Home Office and nothing to do with the courts. The courts do not have any say on who arrives in the country and where they live. That is a fact but you’ll probably disagree with that. There is no question that Robinson studied the Koran in prison and he has the knowledge. The first point in your comments were he studied the Koran “ in prison”. Why was he in prison? He broke the law. You don’t seem to think he should have been in prison for any crime he has ever committed and he can do no wrong. If the judge had called a mistrial in this current matter and the Muslim rapists had been set free would you still be calling him a hero and marching all over country in protest? Answer that one. I will wait in interest for that reply. You don’t seem to like in facts either as read in the top few messages. He is in a prison that is “71% Muslim”. You believed that didn’t you? Raheem later clarified that as being 20%. You were probably upset about that because it means that 80% are NOT Muslim. So how his he under the sentence of death? I’m sure the other 80% of the prisoners will protect him. Has he asked to be moved to the segregation wing? I don’t know the answer to that one. Now let’s go back to his court sentencing. There were reporting restrictions in place at the time the Muslim rape gangs were on trial but Robinson was broadcasting the events live on Facebook. He was guilty of contempt of court. Pamela, you said Robinson was put in a kangaroo court. Did you attend the court? Do you have a transcript of the court proceedings? If you can show me that I may have a different view. Robinson was already on a 3 month suspended sentence. You must have to accept that surely. Stanley, i now ask you how do you know that Robinson was stitched up by the Judge? What did the Judge say to him to make him plead guilty? I would love to know that? He knew full well he was on a suspended sentence. So there was nothing else he could do but to plead guilty. His 3 month suspended sentence can not be called in to question. It did happen. He did receive a 3 month suspended sentence. I suppose you think it did not happen. You are very good at ignoring the facts. You say he pleaded guilty knowing he would go to prison and he did as a personal excercise in damage limitations. If he believed he was not guilty he would have entered a plea of not guilty and would have fought his case. He doesn’t seem to be a man to give up the fight against injustices, so his plea of guilty was because he had been caught and could not deny it. Kevin, “ the law is finished and destroyed by the people making it”. Really? So I can go out tomorrow and rob a bank and that’s alright because there is no law. All the people in London that have been stabbed and shot this year: the people that have done it can go free as there is no law. So all rapists and murderers can go free as there is no law. The 84, 000 people in prison haven’t done anything wrong and they should all be released tomorrow because if there is no law they can’t be held in prison. Everybody can rape and kill and they can’t be charged with anything because there is no law. So the Government can save billions of pounds by closing all the prisons, all the Police Stations, New Scotland Yard. No need for magistrates and judges if there is no law. We could wipe out the national debt overnight but if in the morning your car has been stolen and your mobile phones and iPads have gone you just say that’s no problem I’ll just go out and get some more but 02 and the Carphone Warehouse won’t have any as they keep getting stolen as soon as the shelves are filled. But there is no law so don’t worry about it at least your beloved Tommy will be there to comfort you.

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