LEWISHAM EAST: ‘A Dark Day For Democracy’ – Kurten SLAMS Leftist Thugs

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10 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Probably the people of Lewisham East will vote for Labour, after all that is what they do, don’t they ? Cheer up David Kurten, your point of view that you would have delivered, has been saved from being pearls cast before swine. If the Police were spat on, and there were no arrests, are the Police now officially a decoration, unless your name is Tommy Robinson ? I’m sure that the people are not interested in bringing themselves up to date on what Labour is, and with a few grunts, the herd will enter the polling booths and make their crosses, (which they have all practised several times). Then one more female drip will be added to the likes of the Abbott cretin ! Labour is the Government in waiting ! ….. can you believe ?

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Very well expressed Mike – I totally agree.

      I can put up – to a certain extent – with leftist thugs. What I find difficult to stomach is the lethargy, clear bias and failure of our so-called police force. Why were there no arrests? They simply are not doing their job! Worse than that, they are siding with and supporting the fascists, the islamists and the rape gangs. They seem to be behaving as the antithesis of what they are paid to do. This will, of course, inevitably lead to the total breakdown of law and order (if not revolution!) in this country of ours!

  2. Anthony Woodcock says:

    This is an outrage that should not go ignored. Our establishment caste should hang their heads in shame at what they have done to reduce our democratic rights. Tommy Robinson was arrested, sentenced before a court and imprisoned in five hours, five hours. Yest the police make no attempt to stop a bunch of thugs causing a breach of the peace at a democratic meeting.

  3. Barrie Greratorex says:

    How stupid you were aligning UKIP to such as AMW TR etc you have finally done the Tories dirty work for them, I hope you are all well satisfied.

  4. Sjacks says:

    The Police have sent the message loud and clear according to their public policy directives written by the traitors in Westminster. “Community cohesion is more important than the rule of law, democracy and free speech”. This will continue to happen in areas saturated by mass immigration, everywhere the far-left has a foothold.

  5. John Francis says:

    How can anyone point the finger of blame at UKIP and Anne Marie Waters in relation to the actions of the far left, extremists & fascists in Lewisham last night.
    It really does beggar belief that some seem to find this issue is an opportunity to criticise UKIP and AMW.

  6. Proper Angry Manc says:

    the police knew this was coming and effectively stood down, AGAIN

    It may have been AMW outside , but it was UKIP inside , then the Tories then the Lib Dems next time

    the Police are against the public and free speech

  7. The day is coming when the people on the street realise that there are more of them than there are of the police.

  8. John Garvey says:

    What is the betting that if these far left louts were to have been acting in this manner at a meeting called by Muslim mullahs to support an Islamic candidate, they would have been joining Tommy Robinson in his incarceration.
    The Met only seem to have concerns for their PC version of freedom of speech, and so life goes on- for the time being.

    • The Met and probably most other police forces have had their senior officers completely indoctrinated by the Marxist dogma of Common Purpose. It seems you cannot get on in public employment without having undergone the now statutory brainwashing of this sinister organisation.

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