OPINION: Antifa – The New Blackshirts

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8 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    All the people, all the white people, have all been labelled far right….far right!

    Corbyn’s brownshirts backed I see by Unite Union out in force to stop AMW speaking. That is Labour. That is the kinder, gentler politics of the sanctimonious hypocrits.

    But I am not amused by black people joking that they cannot be racist and, by implication only whitey can be racist. Just look at the foul anti-white rhetoric of Abbotapotamus and Lamey.

  2. DavidL says:

    It’s very unfair to compare the men and women of the BUF with the left wing vermin now known as ‘anti fascists’.

    The BUF were mostly brave patriots who had had fought in WW1 and seen their generation of men slaughtered for no reason. The ‘rape’ of Belgium, Kaisers ‘militarism’ were fake news of the 1910s.

    They with good reason wanted to avoid the same happening again. And we should not swallow the left wing lies about Cable street etc. The BUF were attacked by the same type of communist vermin that attacks patriots 80 years on.

    I don’t write this as a Mosley fan. I think he went off the rails after the war with his ‘Europe as a nation’ idea but his opposition to war in the 1930s was right. Britain did not gain anything going to war in 1939 and ended it bankrupt, lost its empire and later lost its independence to the EEC, the ‘special relationship’ and NATO. And the Soviet union took over the countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia, hardly ‘liberation’.

  3. John O Carroll says:

    The Blackshirst are incomparable to todays self proclaimed Antifa, all they wanted to do was to prevent their own meetings from being broken up where as Antifa don’t want the right to assembly to be afforded to anyone with whom they disagree.

  4. Robert Bryant says:

    It would be more appropriate to term the Antifa thugs Brownshirts, because the original Brownshirts were the street-fighting bullies who silenced any opposition to Hitler’s Nazis, which is what the Soros-backed left are now seeking to achieve in today’s Britain, aided by all the main political parties and the EU.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In my fairly long life, I voted for Liberal once, and voted for Labour once. I have always considered myself to be a floating voter, or in other words, one of those that make a Government and change. I have never been a Tory, but nine times out of ten, have voted Conservative, as they have been the less stupid on offer. As for the fascists of yesteryear, and the silly sods of today, I always thought their salute was a request to go for a pee ! These weird ones, usually with room to let in their brains, have probably never been listened to socially, and therefore never politically, so noise, abuse and violence is all they have left in order to ‘count,’ They need education or something ! I would consider ‘something’ in the shape of a good club, ( to the head ) !

  6. Pamela Preedy says:

    I don’t agree that it was ‘like mass hysteria’ – it WAS hysteria. Mentally unbalanced bigots were uncontrollably swearing, spitting and monotonously chanting in a demented frenzy. Anyone who wasn’t one of them was ‘racist scum’, the only two words they seemed to know. It’s time we ditched ‘Care in the Community’ and started building mental asylums for these afflicted people where they can be brought back to their right minds. Perhaps as children they were not taught that shouting, screaming, pushing, shoving and threatening others who do not agree with them is the antithesis of civilised, sane behaviour. Apparently, mental health or the lack of it is a serious concern in the UK today, and the scenes at Lewisham confirm these fears as justified.

    What happened to Boris’s water cannons? Surely they’d be useful in cooling off the tantrums of dangerous lunatics currently infesting the political scene.

  7. Al says:

    I think it is very unfair to compare the men and women of the BUF with today’s antifa. For one the British Union of Fascists did not attempt to break up the meetings of Communists, Labourites and Tories. The Blackshirts were purely to defend their own meetings which were regularly attacked by ‘Anti-Fascists’ and other Reds stirred up by Trade Unions and Newspapers. The Reds of the 30s used the same tactics then as they do now.

    Secondly the BUF were pro-nation, pro-British and pro-Independence. All things that Antifa, globalists through and through, are not. Clearly you hate Fascism as an ideology but I don’t think that’s any excuse for false comparisons.

  8. Bryan Tomlinson says:

    The molly coddled middle class saboteurs and their mentally unhinged useful idiots don’t turn up when there are 20,000 opponents on Whitehall.

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