REPORTS: Prison Imam Informed Of Tommy’s Arrival At Olney Prison

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8 Responses

  1. John Bennett says:

    Hope he did not send an email 3 weeks and I am still waiting for a reply

    • Miss Bridgit. says:

      I said in a post earlier that the Home office or even higher was responsible for the rapid arrest and sentencing, they wanted him off the streets quickly and for as long as possible. It was absolutely nothing to do with Law and Order but was political but that is stating the obvious.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We all know that this Government has the word USELESS marked on it, just ask the leaders of the EU for confirmation ! What I did not know is that they have the words, SPITEFULL, ….. MURDEROUS, ….. and MENTAL CRETINS, marked on it as well !
    Six and a half centuries ago a man shook the Nation by leading a mob against a very young King of England. All he wanted was for the ‘Establishment’ to understand that following The Black Death, labourers were in short supply, and those that were left needed paying properly. The King met him and agreed with his demands. The King’s ‘Establishment’ then dispersed the mob, killing the man ! IS THIS TO BE THE FATE OF TOMMY ROBINSON ?

    • I only hope they do not allow Tommy to be killed otherwise there is going to be terrible trouble throughout the country, surely they do not want that to happen?

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Dear Deborah, ‘THEY’ have shown their lack of wits in this matter, which in itself is worrying ! My Son-in-Law is a Prison Officer, and has advised that Tommy will be OK, so long as he is put in the correct category. So here we hope !

      • Miss Bridgit. says:

        Deborah I suggest they know that are well aware of the outcome and that is the way it has been planned. Police and army on the streets and free speech completely shut down. One positive note unlike Third World counties our police wont shoot their own people .It needs to go this far to sort out the critical mess this country is in and to replace the two state Political system that has helped them to stay in power with the help of the National Broadcaster and general MSM cannot be removed.

  3. Susan says:

    All of Tommys treatment stinks to high heaven, he is highlighting Islam, we’ve got Muslims in power over what happens to him (Just that alone is very worrying) We’ve got imams informed about his arrival to prison and that is downright dangerous, we have left wing prison staff or governer and they should be fully investigated. We all have to make a stand against the curruption of this country’s legal system.

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