OPINION: Nigel Farage: Hero To Zero?

United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage reacts after he failed to be elected to the parliamentary seat of Thanet South in Margate, southeast England, on May 8, 2015 during the British general election. Farage announced his resignation as leader of the anti-EU UKIP after he failed to win a seat in Britain's parliament. AFP PHOTO / NIKLAS HALLE'N (Photo credit should read NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images)

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28 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Alan, your comments belong to you ! I read them and note your view. Our two views upon Nigel Farage come as close as this. It is fact that Nigel put the squirts up Cameron and the Tory Party, and was in no small way responsible for getting the referendum. On that one point alone, he has my Thanks. I like the guy’s personality, and would be pleased to chat with him, and buy him a pint. His life has now turned a corner, and so has UKIP. He should be a welcome visitor at any time, to a UKIP gathering, but his day is now over for giving any lead to the Party, but I would listen to any of his suggestions without necessarily following them !

  2. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    I agree with all these sentiments.
    This is a very brave but very honest observation.
    Nigel is yesterday’s man!
    Gerald Batten is now the best person to make this Party a force at Westminster, and the elite establishment know that and are trembling in his wake!!
    Free speech is our main important issue. Without the ability to debate important points, we will eventually be “proscribed” as criminals, and Brexit will be lost!!!

  3. Jenny Mason says:

    I agree that Nigel is a hero but I can’t understand why he backed Henry Bolton when it seemed Henry was bent on the destruction of UKIP. Tommy Robinson case is important for many reasons but mainly free speech and justice which Gerard Batten is right to speak about. I do think it’s all very strange

  4. Naomi says:

    I am fully behind Gerald Batten, I believe he has positioned the party just right.

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    I was a huge Nigel supporter and a hard worker for Ukip until he called me, among others, a nazi for wanting Anne Marie Waters to lead the party Apparently, Nigel preferred a pathetic, lying, hypocritical loser of a man to a sincere, truthful, inspiring woman. So I joined the woman’s party. I have nothing against Gerard Batten, but he doesn’t seem to want a full term of leadership and the damage done to Ukip since the great Referendum victory is irreparable in my view. I don’t know where Nigel lost his way, but there’s no way back.
    The Lewisham election result in which David Kurten got 1.6% of the vote and Anne Marie Waters managed 1.2% on her first outing says it all, really.
    As for ‘islamophobia’ opposed to ‘muslimophobia’, both terms are ridiculous and products of treacherous leftist spin. The history of islam and its destruction of non-muslim civilisations is available for everyone to read and understand. The criminal and immoral actions of muslims are informed and encouraged by islam, an ideology that is determined to rule the world to glorify allah. We should be encouraging people unfortunate enough to be entrapped by birth in this cult to leave it, not allowing their oppressors to open ever more mosques and sharia courts in our country. Of course, apostates will need protection, welcome and reward. Those brave enough to risk their lives by escaping the death cult of islam are currently given no support by the islamophile government. Anne Marie rightly welcomes them into The For Britain Movement.

  6. Barry Apps says:

    What a wonderful letter, it hits the nail right on the head. But beware the Government doesn’t like anyone having “freedom of speech” unless it’s also their views. It certainly doesn’t like anyone questioning Islam. It seems some of their followers can do no wrong! Please note Islam is not a really a just a religion but a way of life just like communism.

  7. John Dodds says:

    To Alan Craig; Reading your article, which I feel is unnecessary and damaging to UKIP! Why this criticism against Nigel, I do not see or hear any criticism such as yours against Nigel Farage, it seems you are still carrying a grudge because Bolton was elected instead of your choice David Kurten, and you are blaming Nigel for that. Many Ukippers voted for Henry Bolton because he was a new face, and also the vote was done under PR I believe. David was not sure of a Shoe-In.
    So this is like the remainers who keep saying this or that will happen. Please Alan just keep backing UKIP and leave personal attacks to people outside the party.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      @ John Dodds
      Carrying a grudge because Bolton was elected is perfectly understandable and wholly justified, no matter which other candidate was preferred or supported. Bolton managed to screw the party as well as his dopey girlfriend and let down every Ukip member as well as his wife and children.

      If you do not see or hear any criticism such as Alan’s against Nigel Farage, you do not see or hear much. Criticism began as soon as he resigned the party leadership and has continued in range and volume over the last two years.

  8. John Carins says:

    Gerard quite rightly has only ramped-up the same tactics that Nigel once used. I suspect that Nigel’s new metier as a journo talk show host means that he has censored himself to appear to have a veneer of impartiality. A pity. I would expect that he will be back into front-line politics soon as Brexit is betrayed or watered down. He still is a first class communicator.

  9. Henry F McGowan says:

    As someone who was born in the Irish Republic, but has lived in England for 60 years my loyalty is to England alone. Like most Irish people of my age I left that Priest ridden backward country because of the corruption, Ignorance and lack of opportunities, that is why, frankly, I no longer care what happens to the republic. As for Ulster, I served 4 tours of duty in the early days of the Troubles. We, that is England, no longer need that tiny part of a tiny country. Now I hear that there are Unionists who would be prepared to join with the Republic just so they can remain in the E U, I say let them. As for Scotland, a country and people I love, let them go too, they will always be a problem,, Why doesn’t the Government explain to the Scots what they would loose by leaving the Union.

  10. Stanley Cutts says:

    Alan, I empathise fully with your feelings about Nigel Farage . He was the reason I joined UKIP several years ago and such was the man’s charisma and energy I thought he could do no wrong. Credit where credit’s due – he did give us the referendum almost single-handedly!
    But, backing Henry Bolton was a huge mistake on his part. He went on to compound his lack of judgement by castigating Anne Marie Waters in the leadership elections, which was, for me at least, unforgivable.
    Nigel seems now to be someone who has realised that, after all his hard work and achievements, he should get something back from life as his first priority; hence the LBT radio show, the close liaison with Donald Trump and the numerous TV appearances. He must realise that he can’t rest on his laurels ad infinitum. Time tor him to gracefully retire perhaps?

  11. Richard Mays says:

    Gerard Batten is a worthy leader of the party who has presented his views on many TV panels in a clear and honourable way. Any unbiased viewer could not but be impressed by him. He has my total support.

  12. Henry F McGowan says:

    I don’t know Gerrard well enough to comment either way. I will say this. Shame on those of you who rush to condemn Nigel. Like many other members Nigel was the reason I joined the party. No one else has such leadership qualities as he. It is a joy to see him on Utube destroying all those who, and I’m not being paranoid, hate this country. I wasn’t born in England, I have lived here for 60 years and am never afraid to speak out in defence of this country. When I witness the cowardice of so many people from all political persuasions, always afraid to speak out in defence of their country it makes me so angry. Why don’t you remind our age old enemy, the French that this country saved them in two world wars. As for Germany who were responsible for the wars which caused the deaths of Seven million Christians, over 6 million Jews and many more millions of those they considered inferior they got off very easily. As Theodore Roosevelt told the people of America, You have nothing to fear but fear it’s self. It’s true, we have a weakling as a Prime Minister, however, what support are the English giving her. It’s your country, defend it. I say the English because the hatred of this country by many of the People of Wales, Scotland, which I visited recently and Ulster where I did four tours of Duty with my Regiment many years ago, makes me ask the question why don’t you have a referendum in this country in which only the English can vote and see just how many people would be in favour of giving these people, especially the Scots their independence. Let them find out how life would be for them on their own. For God’s sake show some courage and self respect. Stop being pushed around by just about everyone else.

  13. Dan says:

    Well said Alan. Someone had to say this and you have put it well. Balanced and accurate. It is time Nigel faced up to reality and realized he is doing the party no good and that he will only damage his own popularity the more he tries to interfere in the party.
    Gerard Batten has my support as he has a much broader grasp of all the dimensions of politics. Nigel was a man who was brilliant in certain aspects and he played an excellent hand for a time. Glorious days to look back on, but the situation has changed and he is not the man for these times.

  14. Bryan Tomlinson says:

    I agree with the author.
    Thanks Nigel and goodbye.
    We won’t win anything sitting in an LBC studio deriding our own supporters.
    We need to mobilise as many people as possible to fight the LibLabCon and their media partners.
    A lot of people have earned well.out of UKIP but flounce off at the mere mention of supporting a working class hero.
    Time for more Tommys and less Nigel’s.

  15. The comments on Nigel are so-so and I won’t criticise them but unfortunately taking a broad overview of your article as a whole epitomises where UKIP have crashed. The second half of the article le all about things relating to Islam and Muslims rather than Nigel. This brings back recall of when Paul Nuttall launched the Islamic Integration Agenda and talked about nothing else at our first news conference of the general election campaign. Love it or loathe it that was our whole political face hijacked and eclipsed by this one single issue which was, as proven by the result, something the electorate did not give a toss about when it comes to the ballot box as the voters are concerned about issues like law and order, employment, education, housing…. anything other than socially engineering Muslims.

    The article then ends talking about the Tommy Robinson affair. Oh please, irrespective of the issues we have allowed ourselves to be sucked into the vortex of this complex cause to the extent that we have effectively become part of a wider Alt-Right campaign thrusting our energies into it.

    Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with the Islamic agenda? No but for one thing; the Islamic agenda totally eclipsed and distracted from Brexit at the general election . As for Tommy Robinson all our energies from online to on the streets are focused on protesting and sounding off about Tommy Robinson.

    Meanwhile Brexit is wobbling, our baby, and at a time when we are needed most where are we? Using up our energies running around on the streets clamouring over Tommy Robinson. Will he be released? No, of course not because Theresa May knows that Tommy Robinson is a godsend because so long as he remains in jail, UKIP and the whole Alt-Right will be focused on using up our energies on him while she can get on with screwing up Brexit unchallenged and that his release could be engineered on the day she really screws up Brexit..

    As for us, if we can get all these people out on the streets for Tommy Robinson then there is something seriously wrong if we are not doing likewise for Brexit.

    • Bryan Tomlinson says:

      If we have no freedom of speech, no freedom of thought and no freedom of political expression we are wasting our time.
      Those criticising submission to Islam and submission to liberal economics and hypocritical groupthink need to stuck together asap.
      Who will protect you when Soros and his globalist swine come for you ?

    • Bryan Tomlinson says:

      Alt-right are the words of imbeciles.
      People such as Tommy Robinson and myself are proper Lefties.

    • Well said Andrew.,especially the last sentence.

    • Andrew Beckman
      All of the issues that you point up as being of primary concern to the electorate ; law & order, housing , education, employment etc, are all inextricably linked into the Immigration PROBLEM that we have in this Country.

      I think you are totally wrong to imply that “social engineering muslims” are of no concern to voters. Go and tell that to the folks of Rotherham, Telford, Newcastle. It is precisely because of social engineering (polite expression) that we have Tommy Robinson, standing up for what ALL RIGHT MINDED people Know, to be the case but, whom do not necessarily have a strong enough back bone to stand to the fore and declare openly , their beliefs.

      The WHOLE point of Tommy’s incarceration, was to intimidate and curtail the ‘troublesome notion’ of FREE SPEECH.

      If we loose that, then whether we have Brexit or not, everything but everything that we hold dear within OUR CULTURE –

      will not be WORTH A LIGHT!

  16. Alan Craig
    Where is your evidence to show that Tommy Robinson has/had a problem with muslimophobia? He had muslim friends as guests to his wedding!
    It is true that Tommy has a problem with the religion of Islam, as would any RIGHT THINKING person. He is a fighter for the FREEDOM OF SPEECH and for which this Country used to hold a world reputation NOT ANY MORE.
    We need more Tommy Robinson’s and Politicians, like Gerard Batten and Anne Marie Waters, who instead of constantly spouting mealy mouthed P C platitudes – CALL a SPADE a SPADE and TELL it HOW it is !

  17. Philip Duval says:

    Nigel is a) too lazy to read the Koran and associated texts and b) has no idea of the scale and viciousness of the crimes committed by Muslims in the name of Islam in Britain: the tens of thousands of white children (girls AND boys) raped and tortured across the land; the scores of racist attacks on white men each; the daily acts of intimidation in Muslim-majority areas: the continual flouting of the law – epic benefit fraud, tax evasion, licensing scams, electoral fraud etc.

    And you know what? Even if he did know about all this, he wouldn’t have the guts to speak up about it because he’s too afraid of being called a ‘racist’.

    He is indeed yesterday’s man.

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