KHAN THE PROVOCATEUR: London Mayor Organises Eid Festival For June 23rd

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20 Responses

  1. Ian Hensman says:

    In the light of the past two years is Sadique Khans eid Festival tantamount to an invitation to riot. It certainly looks that way. I suppose that there will be some good come from it, the police will be on overtime.

  2. Christine says:


  3. John Francis says:

    Khan is the unacceptable face of the anti British establishment.
    He is not content with overseeing Londonistans’ descent into a cesspit, he actually wants to speed up the process.
    Hopefully, David Kurten and Peter Whittle can highlight this outrageous decision of Khan’s and bring it to the attention of the rest of the Country on behalf of UKIP.

  4. Cliff Sellers says:

    Aren’t Trafalgar Square & Parliament Square far enough apart to avoid any confrontation, except by those who are looking for trouble which the police will on hand (in sufficient numbers) to deal with, the new boy in the Home Office will be working closely with Khan to make sure the religion of peace is well protected.

  5. Jon says:

    Few stones will be thrown towards Trafalgar Square, death to Islam 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Patriots everywhere unite! How long can we put up with the deliberate provocations of the Mohammedans, who wish to take over this country and eventually create a universal Caliphate? Already across Europe people in their millions are mobilising, because they see what is coming and also because their governments, especially those of the EU, aren’t listening. We need to take up arms against a sea of troubles (only literally of course!) and in opposing end them.

    Mrs May, Frau Merkel and the rest of you, please start listening to us before it’s too late and there is open warfare on the streets of Europe’s capitals. The politicians are so isolated from reality that they STILL don’t get it. Ordinary people are angry because the politicians are ignoring their justified concerns about things such as Muslim rape gangs and the ghettoisation of many parts of Britain’s towns and cities, places that our parents and grandparents would no longer recognise .

    Arise all patriotic Englishmen and Englishwomen! Seize back your land!

    Hope this comment is published.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      JL Kay Every word you say is true.

      This insulting, outrageous invasion of Trafalgar Square by the islamic death cult is presumably OK with the creepiest islamophile ever to taint the office of UK Prime Minister. Theresa the Appeaser loves to make squirmy videos wishing the invaders a Merry ramadan and a Jolly eid; it is sick-making to watch her vie with labourite sycophants for muslim votes. The woman is a traitor to her country, her people and her religion.

      To think that Lord Nelson and the mighty English lions will have to share space with the followers of the most insane religio-political ideology in the world, one intent on capturing our homeland as they have taken over so many others over 14 centuries to the destruction and misery of the rightful inhabitants.
      Let’s hope the council gives Trafalgar Square a good scrub after the event. British Londoners who voted for Kahn should hang their heads in shame. That a muslim should hold the office of Mayor in London is bad enough, but now we have one as Home Secretary as well. It’s only a matter of time before these two will be vying to become the first muslim Prime Minister, a situation our treacherous undemocratic political class have allowed to happen. One day they will be very sorry that they did not listen to the real British people, the rightful inheritors of this land. The anger is building. Our parents and grandparents and all our forebears had to fight to defend and keep our country, and so will we.

  7. Anthony Mallon says:

    Religion is a personal thing. There is absolutely no reason to call thousands of people onto the streets in Britain unless there are political motives.
    Khan is just trying to use these people as pawns in his own personal power struggle.
    Living in Luton and having campaigned for LEAVE, including up and down taxi ranks and outside five mosques, I KNOW around 85% of Muslims in Luton were in favour of LEAVE. (Concerned about losing their jobs to eastern Europeans)
    I wonder if Khan and Dave Javid are aware of that?

  8. Marilyn Catling says:

    I expected nothing less from this devout Muslim Mayor. Does anyone else think that his childhood bullying has something to do with his hate for British people who are white skinned?
    He is small, very small and could have been a target ………. perhaps that is why he does everything he can to bring Islam into our capital, and force Christians to leave their homes.
    Either that, or he thinks he has a calling to eradicate us from our country. Either way, he is doing a fine job of making us feel like strangers in London. How can we stop him??

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    URGENT ATTENTION ….. To all those people who had doubts about the disgrace that the following have fallen into …..
    THE MAYOR OF LONDON ….. Puts Islam’s Muslims ahead of the people of London. This is his priority, and you voted for him !
    THE LABOUR PARTY ….. By implication, support the Muslim against Christian British. Now you know with proof !
    THE MET POLICE ….. Will be there in numbers, but no doubt will be showing their bent versions of British Law !
    GOVERNMENT ….. Happy to remain silent to allow Orwellian ”Muslims GOOD ! Christians BAD” !

    Violence in London is not a priority of Labour’s Islamic Mayor, but this stunt has his joyful backing. I can only hope that the statue of Lord Nelson will be unable to witness this, and decide to fall to the ground this coming Saturday. – Nelson marked one of the highpoints of British history. – Mr Khan marks the toilet into which the Nation has now descended !
    The Police simply do their duty in fear for their careers and salary, but the order is given from the Home Office, and is assiduously followed by the senior officers of the Met.! ( We had the best Police Force in the world once, – What happened ?).
    Labour and Tory generally stand off against one another, with one being the Government and the other the Opposition. It just so ‘happens’ that they are together in the matter of Islam, because neither are ‘Racist’ are they ?
    If ever the people needed education in the matter of the power of their vote, it is now. Democracy can be strong, but it needs at the very least a People who realise how to use it, and to nurture it to full power, thus in turn giving ‘Power to the People.’
    Freedom should be given to all, though I have some reservations upon total universality in our British Capital, for an item that was never British. – Ramadan came and went on the Islamic calendar, so this is just a wish to cause trouble upon a day already booked for British Patriots in our Capital City. I JUST HOPE THAT PARLIAMENT SQUARE WILL BE TOO SMALL TO HOLD OUR NUMBERS !

  10. Stanley Cutts says:

    If there’s any trouble on the 23rd June in London, be assured it will be the BREXIT demonstrators who are blamed for it – irrespective of who did what! They will lose if they do anything, and they will lose if they do nothing. They will even lose if they don’t turn out! Nice one Sadiq!

    But remember this – you have now shown your true colours, and YOU have likely just put yourself out of office, and prevented any other Muslim political aspirant from taking up the reins. Whoever is Mayor of London has a responsibility to ALL Londoners – not just Muslims, who are still in the minority.

  11. Michael Dean says:

    This “MINION” should NOT be Tolerated in ANY Shape or Form, ……. If, (and I say that with tongue in cheek), if this IDIOT continues in his deliberate provocative manner, it will, without doubt, lead to nothing more than CIVIL WAR……………………… which, somehow, I believe he will get. If there is ANYONE who can OVER-RIDE this situation, and can cancel or postpone it to prevent a clash, I suggest you do at the earliest opportunity.

  12. Informed says:

    Will they be celebrating the bloodbath ritual by slitting the throats of animals or Brexiteers?
    No matter the distance between the two events, it will not be without incident.

  13. J.L.Kay says:

    I’m not in the habit of encouraging people to take to the streets, let alone take up arms but I fear this is what we will be forced to do one day (I mean all right-thinking British people, the indigenous population in the main) , in order to stem the spread of this malicious, destructive religious death cult that calls itself the religion of peace. Its followers are re-fighting the Crusades of 900 years ago because they realise that their culture has achieved very little in the intervening time span. Where are their Einsteins, their Beethovens, their Leonardos, their Newtons, their Mozarts, their Michelangelos, their Shakespeares, their Goethes, their Brunels, their Marconis, their John Logie Bairds, their Wright brothers, their Thomas Edisons, their Alan Turings, their Nelsons, their Churchills, their Madam Curies? Nowhere to be seen, of course, they don’t exist. All that particular culture has produced is a corrosive, out-dated death cult, whose lemming worshippers blindly follow the diktats of a seventh century war lord.

    Well good luck to them. I see no reason to allow this destructive and narrow-minded, male -dominated so-called culture to take root in Europe. The express purpose, of course, is to drive white European culture underground, or in their eyes, preferably into the sea. Don’t be fooled by this pretence of ‘moderate’ Islam. Where were the ‘moderate’ Muslims when the Pakistani rape gangs were kidnapping young white British girls off the streets, plying them with drugs and alcohol (which according to their religion they are not allowed to touch) gang raping twelve year olds and in some cases murdering them? The so-called moderate Muslims stayed silent or else helped to provide them with alibis. This is complete hypocrisy, their silence and failure to condemn means they were and are complicit in these heinous crimes. In their own countries these violent beasts would be hanged, so why should we put up with it?

    Because we have a craven and cowardly government that bows to political correctness, that does everything it can, it says, to defuse racial and religions tensions and yet, by its actions, or rather inaction, does just the opposite.

    I rest my case.

  14. Ian Hensman says:

    We are fast coming to the point where most Muslim activities should be objected to in our own neighbourhoods, where Muslim gatherings in the streets of our towns should be banned, where the burka should be banned (who knows what weapon is being carried in the tents?) and any rules/laws not on our statute books should not hold sway. If they wish to live in Britain They must keep their religion of Peace to themselves.. As we would have to in Islamic countries

  15. J.L.Kay says:

    In Saudi Arabia you are not allowed to show any Christian symbols, crucifixes etc., you are not allowed to take a Bible into the country, on pain of arrest and imprisonment, you are certainly not allowed to build any churches, of what ever Christian nomination. Why are there so many mosques in Europe? Why are there so many Muslims in Western Europe? You can be absolutely certain that it’s not for the benefit of the white Christian population . Frau Merkel, your days are numbered as are those of so many of our out-of-touch, riding-on-the gravy-train Eurocrats , for the most part failed politicians of both the Left and Right, (no names mentioned but we all know who they are).

    The time is coming, and it won’t be far away, when ordinary people say they’ve had enough, as they are already starting to across Europe, when the fascist , Liberal Left is confronted and shown up for what it is, a raggle taggle army of wreckers, malcontents and armchair Socialists, who wish only to destroy the history and culture of Western , white Christian Europe, in the name of political correctness, Human Rights and of course because of their corrosive jealousy, because Socialism, wherever it has been tried as a political system anywhere in the world, has signally failed.

    We are not all stupid. We have seen through the tissue of lies, disinformation and spin, that has been spread by politicians of both Right and left and who are still doing it, those failed politicians and so-called aides who have crawled out of the woodwork just recently and are trying to frustrate Brexit, who wish to undermine and defeat the will of the people, so plainly expressed just a little while ago.

    Damn them all to Hell!

    • Ian Hensman says:

      Are there any “good and Tolerant” versions of the Moslem faith or will we have to kill all those who do not comply with our laws? I believe they call for an eye for an eye so will we be expected to do the same soon.?

  16. J.L.Kay says:

    Look, I’m getting a bit fed up with all this criticism of the Moslem religion. Of course it’s a tolerant faith, as long as you’re in favour of killing apostates (those who voluntarily leave to join another religion), throwing gay people off tall buildings, stoning to death women who have been accused, but not proven, of committing adultery, killing women who have been raped (of course it was their fault), keeping women under lock and key, preventing them from being educated or learning to drive, preventing them from leaving the house unless accompanied by a male relative (yes, a seven-year-old son will do), wrapping women up from head to toe in black etc, etc, etc. Yes, of course Islam is a tolerant and humane religion. Do you need any more proof?

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