FASCIST LEFT: Scarborough Labour Party Shut Down Free Speech Meeting

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5 Responses

  1. Vanessa Oliver says:

    No surprise there, Labour lefties are today’s Nazi! Hope there supporters are ready for the additional costs! Wake up people these people want to do your thinking for you! Educate yourselves and make a stand.

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    Soon be Threshing time,

    perhaps we will see the big sticks coming out. We really must stand up to these bullies.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    TOP SECRET within the Labour Party, is the fact that Labour has nothing to offer ! This is the reason that they are against debate, because they could lose votes and thereby seats, if the truth was ever allowed to get out. APOSTASY is dealt with by closing down on debates, as Labour don’t want their voters ‘confused’ with a lot of alternatives ! Labour and Islam share an approach upon apostasy, but with very different endings. – Labour mess with the minds of supporters, by denying them access to any alternative. – Islam uses fear of death for those who find an alternative. In effect, one kills the growth of the mind, and the other kills life !

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    So pleased that more people are calling the Left ‘Fascist’. That’s where fascism lies, its a Left wing ideology. The reason the Left name call those on the Right as ‘fascists’ is to mask the bullying big state philosophy that is Left Wing socialism.

    (The only reason some socialists dislike real Nazism and western European socialism/fascisms such as Mussolini and Franco is because these west European socialisms still believed in the nation state, as opposed to a single international state dominating the whole world. Thus ‘fascism’ of the Mussolini/Nazi kind does grate with some socialists, particularly Bolsheviks and Marxists, the Left of the Left. But they are all Left Wing, the whole lot of them, just as Shias and Sunni are all Islam. Throwing the pejorative ‘Fascist’ at them I think is a good verbal face slap technique given that most thugs in Antifa do not understand the political spectrum).

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    Labour gets votes by lying to people on the doorstep (you’ll lose your benefits if you don’t vote for us) and leaning on them by hinting that they’ll be traitors to their labour-voting dad/grandad/working-class community and be as bad as tories if they don’t. Plus, of course, the effect of successive labour governments building up whole benefit client communities with policies that bring social mobility to a grinding halt. Then there are the middle classes whose careers are built on the welfare culture and vote labour so they can keep battening on the poor. Not forgetting labour’s muslim client voters who love its anti-semitism and uncritical defence of their sexist, racist, violent islamaniac culture.

    Certainly, the labour fanatics use fascist-style bully-boy techniques to intimidate people and shut down free speech and democratic processes, but I prefer to regard them as Stalinist rather than fascist. Bear in mind that Stalin was a murderous psychopath responsible for more deaths than Herr H. and spread his terror for decades longer. Russia is the natural home for the Stalinists, if only they would go there and suck up to Putin, Stalin Mark 2.

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